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Destination 2025, our 10-year strategic plan, is designed not only to improve the quality of public education, but also to create a more knowledgeable, productive workforce and ultimately benefit our entire community.

What will success look like in 2025?

  • 80% Goal
  • 90% Goal
  • 100% Goal

By 2025, 80 percent of seniors will be on track to learn in a postsecondary classroom or enter the workforce straight out of high school; 90 percent of students will earn their high school diploma on time; and every student will enroll in a postsecondary opportunity college or career-ready.

We believe:

  • Proficiency in literacy is the foundation of all learning, and we are committed to making that a top priority for students.
  • As we raise expectations of our students, innovative and varied practices are needed in the classroom to provide students with learning experiences that will prepare them for life after graduation.
  • Successful teachers and leaders are the drivers for student success. That means continuing to provide educators with the support and tools needed to make classroom teaching impactful.
  • Although 2025 is in the future, the work is happening to produce engaged and prepared students.
  • By devoting time and other resources to schools, community members can have a direct impact on student achievement.

How will we get there?
Teachers, parents and community leaders have worked with us to develop the high-leverage priorities to focus all of our efforts and resources over the next 10 years – early literacy, post-secondary readiness, teacher and staff development, high quality schools and community engagement.


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