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The Shelby County Board of Education formally approved the District's strategic goals focused around the mission of college and career readiness during its Business Meeting on Tuesday, April 29. The goals were established to ensure that, by the year 2025, 80% of Shelby County Schools students are career and college ready, 90% of students graduate from high school and 100% of students who graduate will enroll in a post-secondary learning opportunity.

The success of SCS Supt. Dorsey Hopson's 80-90-100 plan is important to the community's future
The Commercial Appeal (Editorial) May 1, 2014

"These are very ambitious goals for our students, but I firmly believe they are attainable with the right strategic vision and plan," Superintendent Dorsey Hopson stated.

"I am thankful that Board members share my enthusiasm and optimism and recognize the tremendous impact this can have on our community at large."

By setting clear goals and targets, Shelby County Schools can be transparent and accountable to the community, align funding with strategies that have the greatest possible impact and consistently communicate success and failures.

Charting a New Course for Our Community
Blog: Brad Leon, SCS Chief of Innovations & Strategy

"Today's global economy demands that students be college or workforce ready," Hopson said.

"The District cannot achieve these results alone, so we will be working strategically with our community partners to leverage every possible resource, in the most strategic way, to help improve outcomes for our student. We have seen communities with challenges similar to ours that are getting breakthrough results, and when we successfully achieve our 80/90/100% goals, there will be a dramatic multiplier effect for our entire community."

In the coming months, the District will engage in a robust process to ensure a strong strategic plan is in place by December 1 to meet our goals. The plan will build off of past efforts, input from the community and existing resources.

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