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This curriculum guide provides K-8 librarians with an updated, manageable guide for planning basic lessons within their respective libraries. Development of this curriculum was guided by three principles:

1. Use results from K-8 librarians' survey on curriculum development, Shelby County Schools' Language Arts power standards, the American Association of School Librarians standards, the International Society for Technology standards, the Tennessee Language Arts standards, and the Common Core Standards in Education to determine basic skills.

2. Show a clear progression of skills that students should develop during the library experience from pre-K through 8th grade;

3. Require a limited number of specific skills for each grade level that will allow autonomy and creativity on the librarian's partas controlled by time, administrative requirements, and teacher needs and requests.


The committee selected five basic skill topics as most noted by the librarians' survey results and the standards: (1) Accessing Information Resources; (2) Research Process; (3) Copyright & Plagiarism; (4) Literature & Reading; and (5) Technology Integration. The skills are arranged vertically by grade level under each topic in order to see the progression of skill development. Listed below each skill is a coordinating SPI, GLE, CLE, or CFU from the Tennessee State Department of Education Language Arts standards. Included at the end of the guide is a collection of additional resources, arranged by grade levels (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) then by topic. A list of professional resources is also included.

We are hopeful that the pdf guide files, as well as the resources included, will be of great help to SCS librarians in lesson planning. We elected not to devise a pacing chart for these skills due to the variation in library scheduling, as well as other differences in library programs from school to school. You are welcome to view the files to the right.