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There have been a few changes with the way Shelby County Schools bills for retiree health insurance. Please read carefully to see how this will affect your method of payment


  • Last year Shelby County Schools began deducting health insurance premiums on a monthly basis from our retirees' TCRS pension. This new method of collecting premiums has received positive feedback and will continue. If you retire in May your first health insurance deduction will come out of your September 30 pension check.
  • If your TCRS Pension is not enough to deduct your health insurance then you will be billed in July; 1/2 payment is due by September and the balance is due by January.
    This does not apply to those retirees who do not have the health insurance
    or if the state pays for your health insurance.
For new retirees please let us know if your health insurance is not deducted from your pension.


For your information - The Federal Government is offering the Medicare Part D prescription plan which goes into effect January 1, 2006. Medicare Part D is designed for retirees whose Medicare Supplement does not have a prescription benefit. Since Medicare Part D is not required and because you already have a prescription benefit through our health insurance plan, it is not necessary for you to enroll. To read more about Medicare Part D please go to Medicare's web site.

Retirees under 65- The Health Insurance Benefits are the same for retirees under 65 as for Active Employees. Please see the Health Insurance pages relating to your plan for information on those benefits.

Retirees with Medicare: When Retirees turn 65 and are entitled to Medicare their plan becomes the "Supplement" to Medicare. Please make sure you inform your doctor that Medicare will now be primary. Medicare will file with CIGNA for coordination of benefits. When Retirees receive their Medicare card please forward a copy of that card to the Employee Benefits Office. We will then forward that information to CIGNA. You might receive information from various organizations when you turn 65 asking you to enroll in their supplement. You do not need to enroll in other medicare supplement plans if you are covered by our health insurance plan. Please contact the Employee Benefits Office if you have questions.

If you have questions regarding Medicare benefits please click on the link "Medicare Benefits". This is a booklet from Medicare which you may download.

Benefits when you live outside of the Memphis area are the same for either plan provided you go to "in-network" providers. Call 1-800-554-7453 or go register at to get a list of providers in your area.

Life Insurance: You may continue your life insurance benefits with Met Life upon your retirement. The benefits reduce to one time your contract salary at the time of your retirement. The optional life insurance, dependent child and spouse insurance will cancel when you retire. Please contact the Employee Benefits office to request information to convert to an individual policy through Met Life. Please make sure your beneficiary information is always current.

If I should die - what should my beneficiary do? Your beneficiary would contact the Employee Benefits Office to notify us. If you have the health insurance and your spouse or eligible dependent child is still living, they may continue the policy at the group rate until their death or when they become ineligible (if a child).

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