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The Student Services Department will meet annually to determine which schools are open to transfers. Applications will be accepted and considered based upon the following:

The transfer application period for all students will be from January 15th through the close of business on March 1st. Submissions should be made prior to the upcoming school year. Transfer requests will not be considered after these dates except for those that qualify as an eligible circumstance. Eligible circumstances must be verified through legal documentation.

Eligible circumstances are intended to allow a child to remain and or transfer to a school when the above circumstances arise during the course of a regular school year.

Criteria For Transfers To Elementary/Middle/High School
Transfer requests shall be considered by the following priority schedule:

Transfers Automatically Granted

1. Children of Shelby County Schools' employees residing within the boundaries of Shelby County may receive transfers for their children to any Shelby County school. Eligible individuals must be permanent full time employees. This designation does not include interim employees.

2. A previously granted transfer will remain in effect through the child's exit grade at a particular school, provided the child continues to meet the eligibility requirements and remains at the same address provided on the original request. Written confirmation will be sent to the parent prior to registration each year.

3. Students with siblings already at a school may request a transfer to the same school as their enrolled sibling. If a student is granted a transfer based on their siblings' enrollment at a school, the student shall be permitted to attend the school to which they were transferred through that particular school's exit grade level. Both siblings must be enrolled at the requested school during the school year sibling attendance is requested.

4. High school seniors may request to remain at the school they attended during their 11th grade year if their parents move outside of the Shelby County Schools District but remain within the boundaries of Shelby County.

5. Students whose school assignment has been changed due to rezoning will be considered for transfers to the last school attended where space is available if they are entering an exit grade the year that rezoning occurs.

Transfers Granted Only When Space Is Available

6. High school students may request a transfer to a school that offers a course of study that is not currently offered at their assigned school. Requests will be evaluated based upon spaces apportioned for the course and if granted, the student will be required to enroll in the requested course upon admission.

7. Students residing within the Shelby County Schools attendance zone boundaries may accept a transfer to any school within the Shelby County Schools System after the school district grants transfers requested pursuant to priorities 1-6 above. These requests will be considered on a first come first served basis.

**Eligible applicants must reside within the designated attendance zone boundaries for Shelby County Schools. Exceptions to this requirement will be made only for the following circumstances:

***Parents are required to provide all transportation for approved transfer requests with the exception of transfers resulting from safety concerns.

** Transfer Of Students Who Are A Victim Of A Violent Crime**

A student who is the victim of a violent crime on school property may request a transfer to another school within ten (10) days of the offense. Student transportation will be provided for granted transfers resulting from this circumstance.

Enrollment Prior to Residency

A student whose family relocates to the Shelby County Schools district may enroll in the school designated by the family for future residency prior to move-in, provided the move to the school's attendance zone will occur no later than the end of the current school semester. In order to be approved under these circumstances, the parent/guardian must submit one or more of the following items to Student Services:

If residency in the specified school attendance zone does not occur prior to the end of the current semester, the student will be required to withdraw.

*Documentation required by Student Services will be dependent upon the specific details of the situation presented.