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Human Resources

Lois W. Williams, Assistant Superintendent

Important Links:

Downloadable Forms for Certified Employees:

Downloadable Forms for Classified Employees:

Jeff Mayo, Director

Eddie M. Jones, Recruiter

Dr. John Hester, Human Resources Technology Specialist

Regina Payne, Specialist

David Scearce, Specialist

Jeremy Yow, Specialist

The district employs more than 5,200 people. Approximately 62 percent of these serve as members of the professional staff. A close working relationship exists among these professional personnel. Through the cooperation of the Shelby County Education Association, which represents the teachers and administrators, and the concern of the Shelby County Board of Education, the teaching staff in Shelby County is among the highest paid in the state.

All teachers and administrators are required to hold a Tennessee teaching certificate, and over 50 percent have earned a Master's degree or above. In addition, many of the instructional staff have met the requirements for Career Level II or III, reflecting their successful participation in the upper levels of Tennessee's merit pay program.

Approximately 38 percent of the district employees work as members of the support staff. Excellent salaries and fringe benefit programs are provided for all employees.

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