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SCS Power Standards

Why Power Standards?

Schools face a formidable set of challenges: students not learning at high levels to demonstrate proficiency, standards contain more concepts and skills than students can learn, teachers offered little or no strategies for managing the volume, and teachers believe in academic “freedom” and feel said freedom is being eclipsed by a move to standardization of instruction.

Power Standards confront these challenges with a common sense approach—providing more time for teachers and students to delve deeper into the learning by focusing only on the essentials that provide leverage, endurance, and next-level readiness.

We also know that in the expanse of TN State and Common Core Standards, not all standards are of equal importance and offer the same leverage for student learning. There are transcendent standards that cross grade levels and content areas to propel enduring understandings. We call these SCS “Power Standards;” this is an effort to prioritize standards, not to eliminate any of them.

Development Process

A vertical team of SCS ELA and Math K-12 teachers worked along with district administrators during the 2010-2011 school year. The team developed these Power Standards drafts by using a rigid set of research-based criteria from Larry Ainsworth, Doug Reeves, and Michael Fullan. Now, we ask for your good thinking and feedback so we can confidently create a final set of quality SCS Power Standards. In the current drafts posted, you will notice revisions that have occurred due to feedback received from schools in the spring of 2011.

After reviewing the Power Standards documents, please complete the brief survey in order to provide the Power Standards committee important feedback.

Thank you in advance for your input!

Math Power Standards D2

Reading Power Standards D2

Writing Power Standards D2


After reviewing the Power Standards drafts, please take a moment to complete this brief survey to provide feedback to the Power Standards Committee. Click here to take the survey