Home of the Little Panthers
School Hours: 8:00 - 3:00

3932 Billy Maher Road
Bartlett, Tn. 38135
901-373-2610 Fax: 901-373-1394
Principal: Page Watson
email: bartlett.es@scsk12.org


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School Information

Bartlett Elementary is an accredited public school within the Shelby County Schools system. The school serves approximately 850 students in grades Kindergarten through Fifth grade with a faculty of 65 and a support staff numbering 35. Located in Bartlett, Tennessee, a suburb of the greater Memphis area, Bartlett Elementary has a long standing tradition of academic excellence, dating back to the early 1900's.

The current school facility, built in 1990-91, is a single story, air-conditioned building. Features include a cafetorium, gymnasium, science-geography lab, computer lab, library-media center, classrooms designed specifically for art and music, and several special education classrooms for both enrichment and remediation. A recent addition (2001) includes a new wing with 10 additional classrooms, 3 offices, and a data room.

A very active Parent Teacher Association provides activities and programs throughout the school year to enhance the mission and curriculum of the school. Parent involvement is emphasized and encouraged through a wide variety of opportunities. These events will be highlighted in this homepage.

In the Spring of 2000, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools noted the following commendations for Bartlett Elementary School:

Students, staff, and community leaders display profound pride in this school.
Dedicated administration and staff provide students with a warm, nurturing environment
Evidence indicates that the stated beliefs of the school are reflected in daily teaching and learning activities. Mission statements and beliefs are widely displayed throughout the school.
Administration and teachers are committed to exploration of innovative teaching strategies that promote high expectations for students.
The school has devised a thorough safety plan ensuring a safe, clean, and orderly environment conducive to learning.
The administration and staff maintain open lines of communication to students, parents, and community.
The school has made significant progress in achieving their identified goals in technology.
Parents expressed a high level of confidence that their children's education needs are being fulfilled by the school.

General Information

Special Education: Please refer to the Shelby County Schools Home Page for specific requirements to receive Special Education Services.

ESL: A variety of services are available to meet the needs of students who speak English as a second language. Access to technology and varied instructional strategies, methods and activities assist the classroom teachers in meeting the needs of limited English proficient students.

Visitors on Campus: To maintain adequate security, all visitors or parents must check in through the school office and receive a visitor's name badge before entering other parts of the building.

School Calendar: Please refer to Shelby County Schools for the current school year's calendar.


Home/School Communication


School Office
The school office is open each school day from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm. Please drop by, or call 373-2610, if the office staff can be of assistance.

School Newsletter
The Bartlett Elementary newsletter, Panther Press, is published at the beginning of each nine week period. The Panther Press contains information about upcoming events, school holidays, volunteer opportunities, student recognition and more. Please read the Panther Press as soon as it is received so that you will know what is happening. In an effort to cut down on the number of notices that are sent home, most of the pertinent parent information is included in the Panther Press.

Change of Address/Phone Number
To ensure your child's safety, the school must have accurate information---and be able to reach parents quickly---in the event of an emergency. Please report any change of address and/or phone number(s) to the school office immediately.

Documentation is required to make a permanent address change. In the event of a change, please bring two documents (MLGW only, lease, mortgage or closing papers).

Curriculum Night
Curriculum Night is a special event for adults only. Parents will have the opportunity to meet their child's teacher and visit the classroom. In addition, parents will learn about grade level expectations and have an opportunity to sign up to volunteer in the classroom.

Open House
The entire family is invited to come to school for Open House. Your child will enjoy showing you around the school, introducing you to all their teachers, and showing all of their accomplishments.

District Student-Parent Handbook
The Shelby County Schools Student-Parent Handbook, published by Shelby County Schools, will come home with your student at the beginning of the school year. The current copy of the Student-Parent Handbook is available on Shelby County School's web page.

Field Trips
Parent permission is required when students are taken off the school campus. If your child has not returned the permission slip required for a field trip, he/she will not be permitted to go. Students who are not able to attend field trips with their class will be assigned to another classroom for the day. Please note that younger siblings are not allowed to accompany students on field trips. This is a special time for the school-age child. Parent chaperones must provide their own transportation. All students are required to ride Shelby County school buses.

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled twice during the school year. Fall and spring conferences can be scheduled at the request of either the parent or the teacher. In many cases, parent/teacher conferences offer sufficient opportunity for communication; however if necessary, additional school/home contacts may be required.

Contact via E-mail
E-mail is the best way to contact your child's teacher. You will find teacher E-mail links on teacher web pages. You may also call the school office and leave a message (although playing "phone tag" may prove frustrating), or send a note with your child.

Report Cards
Report cards are issued four times during the school year. Student evaluations will be completed in October, December, March, and May.

A school yearbook is available for purchase. Be sure to order early, as the number of orders received determines how many yearbooks are printed.

Community Involvement Notices
If your Boy Scout, Girl Scout, recreation, or similar group would like to leave a flyer in our Community Involvement Information Area, you may leave the flyer in the office. As space permits, we will post information of interest to our school community in our Community Involvement Information Area, located in a bookcase in the front hallway of our school. Please do not post notices on school buildings unless you have permission from the school office.

Parenting Reference Section
Our school library offers an adult/parenting information section. Feel free to visit our school library and enjoy access to a wide variety of informative parenting publications. School counselors provide additional parent support.