Tara Oaks Elementary:

2012-2013 Supply Lists


Below are the supply lists by grade level.  For each child you will need:

  1. The items on the grade level supply list.  (The brand names are suggestions only.  It is more important to have the size and quantity listed.)

  2. Workbooks. (Workbook prices will be available during registration or shortly after school begins.)

  3. A $15 technology fee.

  4. Headphones, if requested by your teacher.

Supply Lists by Grade Level

1st GradeSupply_Lists_files/First%20Grade%2012-13.pdf
2nd GradeSupply_Lists_files/Second%20Grade%2012-13.pdf
3rd GradeSupply_Lists_files/Third%20Grade%2012-13.pdf
4th GradeSupply_Lists_files/Fourth%20Grade%2012-13.pdf
5th GradeSupply_Lists_files/Fifth%20Grade%2012-13.pdf

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Save yourself the headache and stress of shopping for school supplies:

Supplies can be pre-ordered online this year!  Go to www.kidzschoolbox.com and follow the instructions.http://www.kidzschoolbox.com/shapeimage_9_link_0