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Shelby County Schools

2004-2005 Student-Parent Handbook

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When positive efforts have not succeeded in correcting a student whose behavior interferes with the ability of himself and others to learn, the following corrective measures are authorized:

  1. Corporal punishment in accordance with regulations established by the Board of Education;
  2. Suspension in accordance with regulations established by the Board of Education; or
  3. Exclusion in accordance with regulations established by the Board of Education.

Corporal Punishment (Policy 6208)T.C.A.49-6-4402 - 49-6-4404; T.C.A.49-6-4103 - 4105
As part of a progressive discipline plan, corporal punishment is permissible in Shelby County Schools as provided in state law.

Corporal punishment may be administered by the principal or principal's designee in the presence of another professional employee. Corporal punishment shall not be used as the disciplinary action on a first offense, shall not be used as a choice in lieu of other disciplinary action, and shall only be used after other corrective measures have been attempted. The parent(s) or guardian(s) shall be notified when a student has been paddled.

If parent(s) or guardian(s) object to the use of corporal punishment with their children or wards, such objection must be made annually, in advance, in writing, to the principal of the school. A student whose parent(s) or guardian(s) objects, in writing, to the use of corporal punishment, when, and if it is deemed necessary by the principal, may be suspended.

A record of each case where corporal punishment is administered shall be maintained in the principal's office. (Disciplinary Referral Form #03-83-011 PS)

In-School Suspensions (Policy 6213)
In-school suspensions are administered under T.C.A.49-6-3401. Students assigned an in-school suspension in excess of one (1) day from class shall attend special classes. Such special classes shall be attended only by students guilty of misconduct and shall be held during regular school hours. Students attending special classes may be placed in an isolated study area, but shall be counted in attendance and required to complete academic work.

Out-of-School Suspensions (Policy 6209)
Students may be suspended, or expelled, from the Shelby County Schools in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the Shelby County Board of Education and the laws of the state of Tennessee (T.C.A.49-6-3401). The principal or assistant principal may issue an out-of-school suspension at any time if in his/her opinion the continued attendance of the student is detrimental to the school or persons serving in or attending said school. If the suspension is for ten (10) days or less (short-term suspension), the principal is the final authority.

If the expulsion exceeds ten (10) days and the issue is not resolved satisfactorily at the local school level, a request for an appeal may be made to the Disciplinary hearing Authority by contacting the Department of Student Services at (901)321-2560 within five (5) days of the expulsion. Absent a timely appeal, the decision of the principal shall be final. The recommended expulsion may be rescinded or reduced through appeal. If the recommended expulsion is not rescinded or reduced through appeal, it shall stand.

Alternative School
The system operates alternative school programs for students who have been expelled or been assigned long-term suspensions.

Relations With Police Authorities (Policy 7014)
It is the policy of the schools to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in the interest of the welfare of all citizens. At the same time, schools have the responsibility to parents for the welfare of the students while they are in the care of the school.

Students Under Suspension
Students under suspension or expulsion will not be permitted on campus or at school-sponsored activities. (T.C.A.49-6-3401)