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The Department of Human Resources is dedicated to advancing student achievement by recruiting and retaining the highest quality staff for Shelby County Schools. Please use the links above to assist you in obtaining information about both the services provided by Human Resources and the procedures for attaining employment within our district.

Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for a certified teaching position for the 2013-2014 school year,
please apply with Teach Memphis at www.teachmemphis.org.

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Shelby County Schools
Department of Human Resources

Room 106
160 S. Hollywood St.
Memphis, Tennessee 38112
(901) 321-2546
Office Hours 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I access information about the New Tenure Law in Tennessee?
Click New Tenure Law for information.
Who is eligible for the public higher education fee discount?
Only children of currently employed, licensed public school teachers and children of state employees are eligible.
When will my contract be issued?
Contracts for certified employees are issued when the required paperwork has been received in Human Resources. Classified employees will be notified at time of hire if they are to receive a contract.
Am I issued an email address and how is this communicated to me?
Yes, you are issued an e-mail account when the information is received either from your Principal or Human Resources and you have attended email training. At your training class, you will receive your username, set your password, and be informed as to how to access e-mail through web mail. The internet address for web mail is http://mail.scsk12.org.
How do I get my ID / Employee Number?
Your employee ID number can be found on your payroll check or direct deposit form. The employee ID number can be found on the stub part of the check/direct deposit form in the box titled Employee Number and on the check portion in the box titled EMPLOYEE NUMBER.
What is the Employee Portal, and how do I login?
The Employee Portal is designed to provide employees with improved access to their records. Click the link to access the Employee Portal.
How do I access my information in the Employee Portal?
Click Employee Portal Instructions for detailed instructions.
How do I obtain an ID badge?
ID badges are issued by Human Resources. The first badge is issued at no cost to the employee.
If I lose my badge, can I get a replacement badge?
Replacement badges can be obtained through Human Resources. There is a $25.00 fee for the replacement of a lost badge.
How do I register for professional development training through My Learning Plan?
Answers to all questions can be found at the http://www.scsk12.org/SCS/departments/Professional-Development/MyLearningPlan.html My Learning Plan site.
How can I find answers to questions about my insurance?
Answers to questions about employee benefits can be found at the https://www.sunaro2.com/app/sunaroaction/login?LoginName=shelbycs9&Password=mybenefits Employee Benefits site.
How do I change my name on my teaching license?
Go to the Office of Teacher Licensing. Click on the name change tab, and follow the instructions to change your name.
Where can I find my: License Type/Endorsement Code(s)/Expiration Date? Go to Educator Licensure Information. Click "Search". Choose to search by name or Teacher License Number and click "Start Search". Click on your name to view your information.
How do I renew my license?
Go to the Office of Teacher Licensing. Click “Renew Your License”. Select the license you wish to renew and follow the instructions.