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School Closing Procedures for Winter 2012-13

This winter, the Shelby County Schools Winter Weather Team will be working with the National Weather Bureau to stay informed of all inclement weather forecasted for the Shelby County area. Forecasts will be relied on to aid in decisions about schools closings and early dismissals due to inclement weather. Closings and dismissals will be based on both existing weather and predictions.

In every instance of inclement weather, the Winter Weather Team will check conditions on neighborhood streets, bus routes and school property in all SCS communities to determine if it is safe for travel to and from school and student activities. Consideration will also be given to weather conditions that would make it difficult or dangerous to operate schools.

SCS always tries to give parents as much notice as possible when closing schools. However, since weather is sometimes unpredictable, it is possible that a decision on closing schools may not be made until morning.

How will parents be notified of school closings?

Shelby County Schools will utilize the district’s website, www.scsk12.org, and the Rapid Notice Communication System to notify parents when schools are closed or dismissing early due to inclement weather. The Rapid Notice Communication System is an automated messaging system that delivers phone and text messages to all parents in the system. Click here for more information about the Rapid Notice Communication System.

SCS also shares information about school closings with the local media.

Make-Up Days

Decisions on how and when to make up instructional time missed due to inclement weather are made by the Board of Education. To best account for all possible weather-related closings, these decisions are typically made following the winter weather season. If the Board determines that make-up days are necessary, they will be scheduled at the end of the year on days that are designated for make-ups on the instructional calendar.

The days currently designated for make-up days on the 2012-13 instructional calendar are May 28, 29 & 30, 2013. If additional make-up days are required, the Board will determine how to schedule these days after the winter weather season.


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