The Internet is becoming a great place to find information for a literary research paper. However, please understand that much of the most important criticism written is not available online. The Internet is not yet a substitute for contact with books and scholarly journals. Some day it may be.

Here are two good ways to get to the goodies on the Internet.

1. Search engine

Go to a major search engine like "Yahoo!" and search in one of two ways:

1. Keyword search (type in a subject or author name in the search screen and hit "search")

2. Search by browsing through the "Literature" categories in Yahoo.

2. Mega sites: use one of the superb web sites listed below. These mega sites steer you to literally thousands of hand-picked resources, including criticism and full text of many books.


•The Voice of the Shuttle Home Page:

Thousands of high quality links to criticism, theory, full text novels, and more.

•IPL Online Literary Criticism Collection:

A useful and large collection of literary criticism.

•The English Server:

A service of Carnegie Mellon, this site offers links to over 29,000 literary documents.

•A Literary Index:

Provided by Vanderbilt, this index provides links to a wide variety of literary topics.

•Literary Resources on the Net:

Rutgers University provides this useful set of links to literary topics.

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