Before you go any further with a research paper, you MUST learn what plagiarism is and how to avoid it because in most classrooms, it is a sure way to earn an F (i.e., a FAILING GRADE) on this extremely important and heavily weighted project.

Plagiarism Defined

Go to the following link, read the information about plagiarism, and work through all activities:

Plagiarism: What it is and How to Recognize It

 Plagiarism Activity

Read the following original source information. Then read the four versions that might appear in a person's paper. Identify the plagiarized versions and explain why they are plagiarized. Rewrite them so that they are correct.

Original Source:

I have said that science is impossible without faith. By this I do not mean that the faith on which science depends is religious in nature or involves the acceptance of any of the dogmas of the ordinary religious creeds, yet without faith that nature is subject to law there can be no science. No amount of demonstration can ever prove that nature is subject to law.


A. Science is impossible without faith that nature is subject to law.


B. Faith makes science possible. This does not mean that science rests on religious faith or the acceptance of religious dogmas, but without the faith that nature functions according to laws, science cannot exist.


C. The belief that nature functions in accordance with laws makes science possible (Wiener 262).


D. Science depends on faith, not religious faith, but the faith that "nature is subject to law" (Wiener 262).


Plagiarism Pledge

If you are certain that you understand what plagiarism is, go to the following link. Read and print out the following statement. You must sign it and staple it to your research paper. Your paper will not be accepted without this form.

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