You Be the Judge!


You have finished your WebQuest Scavenger Hunt.

Consider the following situations and decide if an act of plagiarism has happened or not.

1. Ellen asks her supervisor at work if she could use the text of the training manual in an English assignment about proper sales etiquette. Ellen uses entire passages from the manual without citing her source.

2. A student makes an appointment with the family physician in order to get information about the common cold. The helpful doctor gives the student brochures about causation and treatment. However, the doctor symptoms the student that the material is copyrighted by the American Medical Association. The student uses quotations from the brochures and cites the source material.

3. Roger has written a paper on King George III for his English class. He then must write a paper for U.S. History. He reuses one page from his English-class paper.

4. Sara's mother has downloaded an article from the Internet on the market in Korea for computers. Sara uses the information from the article in a report for her economics class. She has lost the original article and does not remember the source. She does not cite the article in her notes.

5. Jared copies a painting of a tiger by a famous living artist from an art magazine. He then enters the art work in a school competition as his own and wins.

Great work!
You are now an expert on the prevention of plagiarism.

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