Meet Me in Tennessee

Who are these people?

You've probably already recognized your picture, but I have never heard of you before. I'm a fourth grade teacher and have to teach my students all about you. Get ready to tell me about yourself. I am on the way to meet you and your buddies.

Your team should be ready to meet me in your area of Tennessee. Since one of you is a famous Tennessean, one of you is an expert about the area that famous Tennessean is from, and one of you must introduce the famous Tennessean to me, your team must prepare to "Meet Me in Tennessee!"



Teacher Notes


I put the names of the Tennesseans in a can and let each group draw a name from the can. The children may trade with another group if both groups agree. I set up the groups before the students begin the WebQuest. I supply a set of encyclopedias, some of my personal books about Tennessee, some books from the school library, and the Tennessee Bluebook. These are available in my classroom to help the children complete their projects.