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Upcoming Events

Family Data Nights banner

Virtual Family Data Nights are happening at all SCS schools in February and March. Family Data Nights are one of several strategies the District is using to address potential learning loss due to extended school closures in the spring. They're designed to help families understand various assessments and support student learning at home. Family Data Nights will provide parents with the following:

Family Data Nights will provide the following information:

  • Accessing the SCS Parent Portal (Report Cards/Progress Reports)
  • Mastery Connect Updates for K-8 & High School End-of-Course Math/Science
  • K-8 i-Ready Diagnostic & Parent Reports
  • Naviance for Grades 8-12
  • School Communication Updates (ex. Tutoring, Class Dojo, Weekly/Daily Communications, Emails & Upcoming Virtual Parent Meetings)
  • Upcoming Parent Support Opportunities from FACE
  • Community-Based Parent Support Opportunities

Please check your school's scheduled Family Data Night date below, and plan to join us!
Click here to view Family Data Night documents and resources for every grade band.


School Name Date Time
A Maceo Walker Middle School2/23/20216:00 PM
Alton Elementary School2/25/20215:00 PM
Balmoral Ridgeway Elementary3/2/20216:00 PM
Barret's Chapel K-8 School2/23/20215:30 PM
Belle Forest Community School 2/25/20215:00 PM
Berclair Elementary School2/25/20217:00 PM
Bethel Grove Elementary School2/25/20213:00 PM
Bolton High School2/18/202110:00 AM & 5:30 PM
Brownsville Road Elementary School2/25/20216:00 PM
Bruce Elementary School3/4/20215:00 PM
Central High School3/9/20216:00 PM
Chimneyrock Elementary School3/4/20215:00 PM
Cordova Elementary School3/4/20215:30 PM
Cordova High School3/4/20216:00 PM
Craigmont High School3/4/20214:00 PM
Cromwell Elementary School3/3/20215:00 PM
Crump Elementary School3/1/20215:30 PM
Delano Optional School2/23/20215:00 PM
Dexter Elementary School3/4/20216:00 PM
Dexter Middle School3/2/20216:00PM
Double Tree Elementray2/10/20216:00 PM
Douglass High School1/14/20215:00 PM
Downtown Elementary School3/4/20214:00 PM
E. E. Jeter K-8 School2/25/20216:00 PM
East High School2/22/20215:30PM
Egypt Elementary School2/25/20215:30 PM
Evans Elementary School3/4/20215:00 PM
Fox Meadows Elementary School 2/25/20215:30 PM
Gardenview Elementary School2/25/20216:00 PM
Geeter K-8 School2/23/20216:00 PM
Germanshire Elementary School3/2/20215:00 PM
Germantown Elementary School 3/2/20216:00 PM
Germantown High School3/11/20216:00 PM
Grahamwood Elementary School3/1/20215:30 PM
Havenview Middle School2/23/20216:00 PM
Hickory Ridge Elementary3/4/20213:30 PM
Hickory Ridge Middle School3/4/20216:00 PM
Hollis F. Price Middle College2/23/2021 & 2/24/20216:00 PM/9:00 AM
Holmes Road Elementary2/23/20216:00 PM
Idlewild Elementary School 3/1/2021, 3/2/2021, & 3/3/20215:00 PM
Jackson Elementary School2/23/20213:00 PM
JP Freeman K-8 School2/23/20216:00 PM
Kate Bond Elementary School3/2/2021 & 3/4/20215:00 PM
Keystone Elementary School3/2/20216:00 PM
Kingsbury Elementary School2/23/20219:00 AM & 4:00 PM
Kingsbury Middle School3/3/20216:00pm
Kirby High School3/4/20215:00 PM
Levi Elementary School2/24/20213:30 PM
Lowrance K-8 School2/25/2021 & 2/26/20216:00:00 PM/9:00 AM
Lucy Elementary School2/22/2021, 2/23/2021, 2/25/2021, 3/1/2021, 3/2/20201, & 3/4/20215:30 PM
Macon-Hall Elementary School3/2/20215:00 PM
Melrose High School3/2/20216:00 PM
Middle College High School3/3/20215:30 PM
Mitchell High School2/25/20215:00 PM
Newberry Elementary School2/25/20214:00 PM
Northaven Elementary School2/23/20215:00 PM
Oak Forest Elementary School2/25/20215:30 PM
Oakhaven Elementary School2/25/20214:30 PM
Oakhaven Middle School3/4/202111:00 AM & 6:00 PM
Oakshire Elementary School2/23/20216:00 PM
Overton High School3/9/20216:00 PM
Peabody Elementary School2/11/20214:00 PM
Raleigh Bartlett Meadows Elementary School2/11/2021 & 2/25/20216:00 PM
Raleigh-Egypt High School3/4/20215:00 PM
Richland Elementary School2/23/20216:00 PM
Ridgeway High School2/10/20216:00 PM
Riverwood Elementary School2/25/20215:00 PM
Robert R Church Elementary School2/23/20216:00 PM
Ross Elementary School2/23/20215:30 PM
Rozelle Elementary School3/2/20215:30 PM
Scenic Hills Elementary School3/3/20214:00 PM
Sea Isle Elementary School2/25/20216:00 PM
Shady Grove Elementary School3/1/20214:00 PM
Sharpe Elementary School3/3/20213:00 PM
Shelby Oaks Elementary School3/2/20216:00 PM
Sherwood Elementary School3/3/20213:30 PM
Sherwood Middle School3/2/20216:00 PM
Snowden K-8 School2/25/20216:00 PM
South Park Elementary School2/25/20214:30 PM
Southwind Elementary School2/25/20214:00 PM
Southwind High School2/25/20216:00 PM
Springdale Elementary School2/25/20214:30 PM
Vollentine Elementary School3/2/2021 & 3/3/20214:00 PM
Wells Station Elementary School3/3/20214:30 PM
White Station Elementary School2/24/20215:00 PM
White Station High School2/25/20216:00 PM
Whitehaven Elementary STEM School3/2/20213:00 PM/4:00 PM/5:00 PM
Whitehaven High School2/23/20216:00 PM
William H. Brewster Elementary School2/23/20215:30 PM
Willow Oaks Elementary School2/25/2021 & 3/4/20215:00 PM
Winridge Elementary School2/25/20215:00 PM