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Public Auctions


Memphis Shelby County Schools (MSCS) holds an in-person and/or online public auction of the District’s surplus personal property to include equipment, furniture, and miscellaneous supplies approximately two times a year at our Farmville Warehouse facility.

For Memphis Shelby County Schools and Departments only: The Office of Asset Management allows MSCS personnel to view all available items for possible reallocation to use in their school and/or department. A notification is sent to all principals and department heads outlining the preview/selection schedule. An open house is held at the Mallory Warehouse prior to each scheduled public auction. Items selected are delivered to your facility by the Inventory Control team. Any items not selected are earmarked to be sold and placed in the public auction.

All public auctions are open to the public as well as MSCS personnel who wish to purchase item(s) for their own personal use. NOTE: No MSCS personnel will be eligible to bid on or buy surplus personal property during one’s official remunerate working hours. No side deals for sale of surplus items shall be conducted on MSCS sales floor/property by any successful bidder(s) and/or MSCS employee(s).

Public auctions are usually held during early Spring and Fall. All potential bidder(s) have the opportunity to view the surplus items the day before the scheduled public auction. For in-person public auctions, the doors will open at 8AM for one hour for bidders to view surplus items prior to the start of the public auction, which will begin at 9AM. The duration of the public auction will be determined by the activity and volume of merchandise being auctioned. The auction is usually over by 5PM. Only cash and/or certified cashier’s check with the appropriate identification will be accepted as payment. For online auctions, the general public is given the opportunity to view the surplus items the day before the scheduled public auction. Credit cards are accepted by the contracted auctioneer and subject to additional transaction fees.

Our public auctions are conducted by Morris Realty & Auction, contracted auctioneer; and a list of surplus items to be auctioned is available to view on their website a few weeks prior to the scheduled public auction.

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