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The mission of the Health, Physical Education and Lifetime Wellness (HPELW) department is to supply a comprehensive and developmentally proper educational experience that meets the needs of all students. The HPELW programs are aligned to meet both national and Tennessee standards with performance-based outcomes. These programs prepare PreK-12 students with the ability to develop fine and gross motor skills, physical fitness, emotional and mental strength, and healthy decision-making skills.

The Role of the HPELW Teacher

The HPELW Teacher plays an important role in the lives of students. Teachers are charged with providing a foundation of skills that will help students create a commitment to health and physical activity for a lifetime. The role of the HPELW teacher is to:

  • Support students in becoming health and physically literate individuals.
    • Health literate students comprehend and practice how to make good, healthy decisions.
    • Physically literate students move and perform with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities and spaces.
  • Aid students in learning about careers in various areas of health-related fields such as: 
    • Exercise Science 
    • Wellness and Health Promotion 
    • Sports, Fitness 
    • Outdoor and Adventure Studies
    • First- Aid
    • Recreation

Teacher Resources: Click on the Curriculum Maps link that can be found on the Curriculum & Instruction homepage. 

Parent Resources: Click on the Parent Resource link that can be found on the Curriculum & Instruction homepage.



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