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The Social Studies team in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction is committed to providing high quality support to teachers and school leaders, students, and parents throughout the district.  Through intentional and strategic planning, our goal is to help schools actualize the district’s vision of high-quality teaching and learning. 

Vision of Social Studies Teaching and Learning

In our Social Studies classrooms, students will:

  • Work with a variety of primary and secondary sources
  • Regularly discuss and write about historical sources, grounded in evidence
  • Develop historical and geographical awareness
  • Own the thinking of the lesson

Effective Social Studies instruction requires research-based instructional practices, which include:

  • Thoughtful planned and executed lessons
  • Attention to both the skills-based Social Studies Practices and the content-based standards
  • Learning to construct evidenced based written and oral arguments supported by evidence
  • Daily integration of reading, writing, speaking, and listening to understand historical sources and express understanding
  • Data-informed instruction

Teacher Resources – Click on the Curriculum Maps link found on the Curriculum & Instruction homepage.

Tennessee Social Studies Standards 

K-5 Social Studies Updates for Teachers 

6-8 Social Studies Updates for Teachers 

9-12 Social Studies Updates for Teachers 

Professional Development for K-12 Social Studies Teachers  

Parent Resources – Click on the Parent Resources link found on the Curriculum & Instruction homepage. 


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