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Success Criteria and Pathways

Criteria for Success

Memphis-Shelby County Schools Promotion and Retention Policy 5013 states that for students in grades 1 – 5, promotion should be based on attainment of a grade of 70 or above in both Language Arts and Mathematics for all students.

In Grade 2, in addition to the general promotion standards required for all students in grades 1-5, to be promoted to the third grade, students in grade 2 must successfully achieve 8 of the 12 Success Criteria* prescribed in this document in addition to the general promotion standards.

*When appropriate, good cause exemptions may apply (e.g., extenuating circumstances, individual SPED/EL considerations).

Throughout the school year, your child will have several opportunities to demonstrate progress towards the 12 Success Criteria. Keeping parents and guardians informed is our top priority; therefore, you will receive ongoing communications regarding your child’s progress and support that is being provided.

Additional Options for Students Not Meeting Success Criteria

“Reclaiming Success”

The district shall provide additional options for students who do not achieve 8 of the 12 Success Criteria to avoid retention by reclaiming criteria points through one of the following:

  • Demonstrating a proficient reading level (425 score) on the final Universal Screener – a Lexile score of 425 or higher during the final assessment window will automatically count for 3 Success Criteria. For example, at the end of the school year a student with only 5 Success Criteria (4 report card grades and 1 Formative Assessment) would be recommended for promotion due to the final 425 Lexile accounting for all 3 Lexile Success Criteria.
  • Achieving on track or mastery on the ELA/Reading portion of the TCAP will automatically count towards all 12 previously missed Success Criteria. In meeting this criterion, a student with less than 8 Success Criteria would be recommended for promotion prior to the following school year.

Intervention Pathways