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According to the revisions of the Memphis-Shelby County Schools Promotion and Retention Policy 5013, to be promoted to third grade, in the spring term of each school year, second grade students must achieve success against  8 out of 12  Criteria for Success. Throughout the school year, students will have several opportunities to demonstrate progress towards the 12 Criteria for Success. Per Memphis-Shelby County Schools  Promotion and Retention Policy  5013, second grade students who meet  8 of 10 Criteria for Success  are eligible for promotion to 3rd grade.

Criteria for Success

Type of Measure Frequency of Measure Success of Measure

Report card grade

Once per quarter (4) possible points

70 or higher in ELA

Formative Assessment

Fall, winter, and spring (3) possible points

On-track or mastery in ELA

Benchmark Assessment

Fall, winter, and spring

(3) possible points

Fall: Lexile 290

Winter: Lexile 355

Spring: Lexile 425

Summative Assessment – TN Ready


2 possible points

On-track or mastery in ELA

Keeping parents and guardians of students K-2 informed on their child’s progress is our top priority, therefore all K-2 teachers will receive on-going training and resources regarding implementation of the policy, training and tracking student progress and the required parent communications necessary for success. The school will be required to develop and implement a progress monitoring plan for the child. The plan must be developed "in consultation with the parent.

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