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The Employee Performance & Support (EPS) team manages evaluation tools, resources, and processes for both Instructional and Non-Instructional employee types to support and enhance employee performance. We believe that having a strong performance management system in which employees receive regular, ongoing feedback on their strengths and development areas will increase employee effectiveness and satisfaction and lead to growth opportunities resulting in more effective employees.

More specifically, we:

  • Maintain evaluation data to inform professional development and human capital decisions.
  • Provide evaluation support to teachers and administrators, which ties to Priority 3 of Destination 2025.
  • Strive to deliver excellent customer service to District employees and external partners.
  • Assist evaluators and direct reports with the non-instructional performance evaluation process
  • Develop and deliver training for non-instructional performance evaluation framework
  • Tracking and reporting the submission of each phase of the evaluation process
  • Provide manager and leadership training for school administration and Central Office supervisors
  • Research process discrepancies
  • Communicate updates, deadlines, information regarding the non-Instructional performance evaluation tool