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Raineswood Residential Training Center

Raineswood Residential Training Center provides behavioral supports and services for students with severe behavioral and communication disorders whose disability manifestations require 24 hour intervention and monitoring via residential services. The primary disability served is autism, but the Center does not limit access to this disability category. Placement is an IEP team decision based on input from teachers, parents, and related service providers whose interactions with the student indicate the need for the restrictive setting of a residential environment. The goal for all students residing at the Center is to develop skills and behavior controls that will allow them to return to the less restrictive setting of their home environment. While residing at Raineswood, students are transported to classes at their assigned Shelby County School location on district bus transportation. After school activities are varied and age appropriate with emphasis on corrective behavior strategies under close supervision of trained, professional staff. Students also go out into the community regularly in order to continue the process of generalizing expected behaviors across a variety of settings. The Center is operated by Shelby County Schools, and there is no fee for services for students within the district. Students from other districts may be considered on a contract for fee basis.