What is Adopt-A-School Partnership?
A partnership that brings businesses, civic and faith-based organizations, individuals or any other community-based group together with a school to form a partnership. During the partnership, adopters and school personnel commit themselves to specific goals, activities, and resources which are intended to make a sustainable impact on student success.

What is in it for our organization?
Enhanced community image, better prepared workforce, a better understanding of public education, motivated employees who enjoy “giving back” to the community through worthwhile service. The benefits of partnership with schools are endless!

How do we decide which school to partner with?
Many times partnerships are established because of the school’s location in relation to the business/community organization. Other times employees of the organization may have children or grandchildren attending the school you want to work with or someone in the organization may have attended the school and a relationship/tie is already established.

Can we partner with more than one school?
Yes. We have many adopters with multiple schools. However, we do want you to make certain that you have the personnel to work with more than one school. If resources are unavailable to fully support more than one partnership, it is beneficial for one strong effective partnership rather than multiple ones.

What kind of things can we do for the school?
You can involve your employees as tutors, mentors, coaches, or guest speakers. You may offer internships to students, develop incentive programs for academic achievement; provide training for teachers; offer the use of your facility for faculty meetings; provide management expertise; present career awareness and many other activities or programs that are beneficial to students.

How do we know what would be beneficial to students?
You learn that through communicating and planning with your school. The school improvement plan must be utilized to help identify the needs of the school and your resources should be aligned with those needs.

Are there certain programs that the school district endorses for us to work with?
No. There are many wonderful programs that are available. When you plan with your school, you can discuss programs they may want to implement. Prior to getting involved with a program, ensure the principal agrees that it will benefit the students and is worthwhile.

How long does the partnership last?
Once a partnership is established and the (MOU) Memorandum of Understanding has been signed, it continues, until the adopter/school decides the partnership is no longer effective.

Do we have to renew it each year?

What can we do for the school?
The possibilities are endless! Talk to your school coordinator or refer to the list of suggested activities for more ideas.

Can we partner with a specific program in a school such as the art department or the choir?

What do we need to do if we cannot reach anyone at the school or if no one will return our phone calls?
Call the Family and Community Engagement Office at 901-416-7600 and we will be happy to make sure that the message gets to the appropriate person.

We want to do more for our school. We just don’t know what to do.
The key to a successful partnership is communication. The more you communicate with your school, the more you will learn about the needs of the school. Ask your school to suggest how you can involve your employees in a meaningful way that will benefit the students and/or teachers.

What do we need to do if we want to change schools?
Contact the Office of Family & Community Engagement at 901 416-7600 and we will discuss your concerns and will assist you in selecting another school.