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If you are a current Shelby County School employee with an active ID Badge, you do not have to go through the volunteer process. For additional information, call us at 901-416-7600.

To access each volunteer level and start the process, click on the designated box below.

Level 1 Special Event Volunteers

No direct contact with students

Level 2 Monitored Volunteers

limited direct contact with students

Level 3 Unmonitored Volunteers

Direct contact with students

  • Raptor-School will check name against Sex Offender Registry
  • Volunteer Raptor website
  • Central Office will conduct criminal a web background check
  • Central Office will conduct fingerprinting background check which includes a complete criminal record
Must be directly monitored and suprvised by school personnel at all times.

Must be directly monitored and supervised by school personnel. 

May interact with students without direct supervision of school personnel.
  • Speakers
  • Program Guests
  • Juors/Judges
  • Class Readers
  • One-Time Volunteers (Banquets, Dances, etc.)
  • Registration Helper
  • Classroom or School Office Assistants
  • Daytime Field Trip Chaperones (Within Shelby County)
  • Test Monitors/Proctors
  • Hall Monitors
  • Safety Patrol
  • Overnight Chaperones
  • Daytime Field Trip (outside of Shelby County)
  • Interpreters
  • Mentors
  • Tutors
  • Athletic Assistants or Coaches
  • Group Mentors or Tutors
  • Afterschool Assistants (e.g. Dance Team, Band)



Niveles de voluntario PreK-12

Nivel 1 Voluntarios
para Eventos Especiales

No contact directo con estudiantes

Nivel 2 Voluntarios Monitoreados

Contacto limtado con estudiantes

Level 3 Voluntarios No Monitoreados

Contacto directo con estudiantes

Debe ser supervisado directamente por el personal de la escuela en todo momento

Pudede interactuar con los estudiantes bajo la supervisión del personal de la escuela.

Puede interactuar con los estudiantes sin supervisión directa del personal de la escuela.

  • Presentadores
  • Lectores de clase
  • Jurados/Jueces
  • Invitados del programa
  • Monitores de prueba
  • Voluntarios (Banquetes, Bailes, etc.)
  • Asistentes
  • Asistentes de la clase
  • Asistentes en la oficina
  • Chaperones de viaje en la ciudad
  • Vigilante de pasillo


  • Asstentes de deportes o entrenadores
  • Chaperones para viajes fuera de la ciudad of de varios dias
  • Asistentes después de la escuela (por ejemplo, equipo de baile, banda, etc.)
  • Mentroes o Tutores