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August 2020 Family Forum

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Family Forums provide an opportunity for all parents to gather, learn, and share critical information to support student learning and success in school.

SCS is proud to announce the Family Forum. Join us August 22, 2020 at 10 a.m. to receive strategies and resources to support English Language Learners, Exceptional Children, and Gifted Students. CLUE will be led by experts from the Department of Exceptional Children and Health Services (DECHS); student Equity Enrollment & Discipline (S. E. E. D.) will provide information regarding students with a 504 plan; and English Language Learners will hear from the English as a Second Language Department (ESL).

Families and community stakeholders can submit questions in advance to [email protected].

Click on the following links to join the sessions on Microsoft Teams.

Breakout Session 1 10:20 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Support for Students With Disabilities (SWD) in a Virtual Environment
Students with a disability will be served in virtual setting. This session will provide parents information on important topics of interest such as:

  • Virtual IEP meetings
  • Schedule information
  • Meeting IEP goals
  • Parent/Teacher communication
  • Paraprofessionals

Instructional Services for English as a Second Language Students
This session will cover what services look like for (ESL and ELD) and the online programs that families have access to at home. Families will learn how to access the online version of the ELA curriculum and the bilingual supports that are built in for Spanish-speaking families.

Supporting 504 Students during Virtual Learning
Session explains the procedures for 504 meetings, supports and accommodations for students, roles/expectations for all during virtual learning, accessing District support as well as grievance procedures.

How can ESL help you?
This session will explain the support that the ESL Department can offer to parents and students. A review of the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) will be provided with information on how parents may communicate with teachers to increase the effectiveness of this document.

Breakout Session 2 11:05 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

Communicating with Your School and Teachers
This session will cover the Communication Applications that your School and Teachers may use such as ClassDojo and Remind. Parents will learn how to turn on Home Language support in the apps and how to download them. Parents will also learn how to access Teams and the translation features within the program. Finally, presenters will cover tips for calling the front office at school and making sure that the school can get in touch with them, when needed.

Transition and CBI from Elementary - High School
Guidance will be shared regarding transition supports/programs and academic paths for students with a disability from elementary-high school. Parents will learn about:

  • Career Readiness
  • Diploma Options
  • Transition Supports in a virtual environment

Crear un ambiente positivo en el Hogar
In this session, families will understand the role parents play in creating a positive environment for their children. Parents will understand more fundamental principles for being an effective parent and the importance of positive communication at home.

Meeting the needs of All Gifted Learners (CLUE)
In this session, parents will explore characteristics of gifted learners and will learn what structures can be put in place in the regular education environment to support the very special needs of our gifted kids, who may or may not be twice-exceptional. Parents will learn the purpose of the gifted IEP and understand allowable accommodations for the TN disability of intellectual giftedness.


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