Greater Schools.
Greater Community. What is it?

This action-oriented community engagement campaign aims to bring our families, educators, community partners and local leaders together to identify solutions for moving our students and our city forward.

A New Framework for Transforming Schools

Our “Greater Schools. Greater Communities.” campaign helped identify 19 Critical Focus Schools that will receive a combined $6 million in new investments in 2017-18 to improve student achievement. Using feedback from parents, educators and students, we developed an assessment framework for measuring the quality of all schools. Treatment plans have been created for all 19 Critical Focus Schools to address factors that impact learning, such as facilities, specialized programs, recruitment of high-performing teachers and family resources.
View the full report here.

Why do we have to take action?

We are making great progress toward our Destination 2025 goals, but some of our schools are struggling to keep pace. In many cases, there are factors beyond their control, such as inequity in programs and services, declining population trends or poor facility conditions. We want to eliminate these barriers to student success.

What is our goal?

Schools are the lifelines of our neighborhoods, so we need families and community members who are living and working in these neighborhoods to help us identify the factors that define a high-quality education. Some schools will have to close, merge or be transformed in order to achieve the optimal conditions for high quality education. But, if a child's school is going to be closed or transformed, parents should be assured that the next school will provide their children with better opportunities to learn and grow. Our goal is to work together to make our schools and community greater.

Student Voice

Meet our winners of the Greater Schools. Greater Community. Student Essay Contest. We asked all Shelby County Schools students to tell us how they would design the perfect SCS school. Use the link below to read their visions for a better SCS.

  • Grand Prize Winner

    Jarvis Palmer
    Sharpe ES
    4th Grade

  • Elementary School

    Joy Kimbrel
    Cherokee ES
    5th Grade

  • Middle School

    Raven Baker
    Kate Bond MS
    8th Grade

  • High School

    Mikayla Corum
    Kingsbury HS
    12th Grade