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Cornerstones of High Quality Instruction

Memphis-Shelby County Schools will continue to implement the Cornerstones of High Quality Instruction (HQI). These include: The Instructional Core, Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs), Instructional Practice Guides (IPGs), and Cycles of Professional Learning (CPLs). These Cornerstones lead to High Quality Instruction while keeping the Instructional Core at the forefront of student learning. Driven by common language and robust planning, teachers can meet the challenges of the classroom head-on. Instructional Leadership Teams provide focus and clarity through Cycles of Professional Learning, which are informed from Instructional Practice Guide trends. The ILT work gives teachers direct access to the learning opportunities they need to improve practice through direct instruction, peer observation, mentoring, and regular reflection on effectiveness outside of the District’s evaluative framework. Moreover, ILTs expand the work of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) by focusing on student work and the evaluation of student learning tasks across disciplines within their schools.

For questions, please contact your Instructional Leadership Director (ILD)