Investing in our Teachers

At SCS, we are committed to investing in our teachers, so they can focus on the critical job of investing in our students. Our teacher compensation model encompasses more than just salary, with Total Rewards that include extra pay, benefits, and retirement options.

Every decision around teacher compensation with Shelby County Schools is focused on improving student achievement. In alignment with HR best practices, our new compensation system – which was developed using feedback from current teachers - rewards teachers based on quality performance.

SCS teachers can earn a salary up to $73,000 per year, and they can reach that level faster than at many competing districts. Our teachers are eligible for performance-based raises of up to $1,500 annually and can obtain bonuses and stipends for hard-to-staff subjects (e.g. Math, Science and Special Education) and job-related advanced degrees.

Throughout the development of our teacher compensation system, SCS teachers provided feedback, and most recently that feedback led to a change in raise amounts and specificity of eligibility for stipends in the final model. Our students deserve to learn from the most effective teachers, so we are working hard to invest in and reward our top performers and recruit top talent to work in our District.

We INVEST in Teachers


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