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Telecommuting & Remote Work Assistance

Device use policy - This policy reflects the district’s guidelines data access and other topics
Acceptable Use Policy
Internet Use Policy

Proper use of district provided devices - The attached document reflects guidelines with using district provided devices

Teams - A collaboration tool that can connect teachers to students, individuals and departments

Telecommunications Best Practices:

  1. Avoid public Wi-Fi; if necessary, use personal hotspots or some way to encrypt your web connection.
  2. Keep Work Data on Work Computers.
  3. Never Leave Your Devices or Laptop in the Car.
  4. Encrypt Sensitive Data in Emails and on Your Device.
  5. Watch for phishing attempts.

Working from Home Securely:

  • Watch out for email phishing: Cybercriminals use phishing to entice users to share data and login credentials, typically through an email, instant message or text message. While IT security measures can help, phishing defense starts with the employees.
  • Create strong passwords: Excellent passwords are the first line of defense. It’s also a necessary security precaution many employees fail to take. Don’t rely on simple passwords (“password123”) that are easily hacked.
  • Never leave your bag, briefcase or laptop unattended: It seems obvious but cannot be overstated. While leaving your laptop might not make headlines, it can compromise data and cause serious security headaches.
  • Use caution with wireless networks: Working from a coffee shop or hotel? Use caution when using public wireless networks. Unsecured networks make it easier for cybercriminals to access emails and passwords.
  • Keep your work separate: Nearly one-third of users use their company computer for personal use. It not only affects productivity but invites security threats. Your company laptop should only be used by you and keep personal tasks off your business laptop.

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