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New Teacher Orientation

New Teacher Orientation (NTO) is a program that allows the District to ensure that newly hired teachers are thoroughly prepared for a strong start to the academic year. NTO is held for 2 days in August in collaboration with over 12 central office departments.

Teacher of the year - Daniel Warner

Mr. Warner was drawn to the classroom because of the opportunity it presented to work alongside students in under-resourced communities. He is committed to being a small part of cultivating the assets already present in the neighborhood. “Schools are at the heart of what a community is and hopes to be,” Warner says, “Much of the life of a neighborhood is connected to that institution.” Mr. Warner is passionate about creating classroom experiences that set students up to engage in our democracy as informed and thoughtful citizens. He builds his classroom around discourse, so that students practice thinking and talking through some of their deepest held beliefs about themselves and their nation. In addition to the civic aim of his classroom, Mr. Warner has also found success with his students on the state end of course exam. This past year, his TVAAS data placed him in the 99th percentile statewide. He contributes to district social studies curriculum as a member of the Social Studies Fellows and serves as a mentor teacher for the Memphis Teacher Residency.


Valarie Harris

Elementary School

Valarie Harris

Valarie Harris, a dedicated kindergarten teacher at Geeter K-8, represents the pre-k–4, grade band for the SCS Teacher of the Year. She has diligently served as an SCS teacher for 16 years. Ms. Harris demonstrates her commitment to the students of Geeter K-8 by serving as the Literacy Laurette and EL Content lead. She embodies the characteristics of an educator of excellence by her consistent efforts to inspire a love of reading to spark the imagination and creativity in every student. Ms. Harris’s devotion to SCS Early Literacy Initiative has ignited her efforts to provide a wide array of engaging tasks to motivate students to read to achieve. Her dedication to literacy is shown through her efforts in spearheading the Jumpstart Read for the Record Initiative at her school which has been a success.

Jennifer Shiberou

Middle School

Jennifer Shiberou

Jennifer Shiberou represents the SCS Teacher of the Year for the 5-8 grade band. Ms. Shiberou is an award-winning teacher who has demonstrated her commitment to excellence to her students as a CAPA Art teacher at Colonial Middle school. Ms. Shibeoru has long been committed to lighting a pathway for all students to see themselves as artists. As part of her approach, she set the expectation for all students to develop a passion topic as the focal point of their work and charges them to be the difference they want to see in the world through their art. Ms. Shibeoru’s students have been featured at many events locally and out of state. Ms. Shibeoru’s focus on social justice and equity through art is also the vehicle that exposes students to multi-faceted career options available to artists.

Daniel Warner

High School

Daniel Warner

East High School’s Daniel Warner is our very own SCS Teacher of the Year and Regional level finalist. Mr. Warner has a great passion for creating classroom experiences that set students up to engage in our democracy as informed and thoughtful citizens. Mr. Warner believes in playing a part in cultivating the assets already present in the neighborhoods of under-resourced communities. Daniel goes above and beyond the call of duty to understand students’ perspectives and experiences so that he can begin to unlock their individual potentials. Daniel’s consistency in seeking the opportunity for teachable moments to increase the social consciousness of his students has placed them in overall high achieving categories. In Daniel’s AP US history class, he has consistently shown double-digit growth on the end of course exam, and this past year, his TVAAS data placed him in the 99th percentile statewide.