Shelby County Board of Education
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Issued Date: 08/26/10


Being elected to the Board of Education provides the opportunity for citizens to serve their community and support public education of our children. Candidates for election to the Shelby County Schools Board shall meet requirements as stated in T.C.A. §49-2-201; §49-2-202; §49¬2¬111 as well as other state criteria. Each candidate is strongly encouraged to display his/her commitment to serve as a Board member by attending orientation programs provided during the election year. The Superintendent and staff of Shelby County Schools will hold these orientation sessions between the date of candidate filing and prior to the last date for official withdrawal. The purpose of each session will be to acquaint the candidates with the duties and responsibilities of Tennessee school board members. Additional orientation will be held immediately following election to assist newly elected Board members as they prepare to assume these important duties.