Shelby County Board of Education
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Issued Date: 08/26/10

Revised Date: 08/28/12

  1. An annual calendar of school board conferences, conventions and workshops shall be maintained by the board office and provided to each board member.

  2. Funds for participation at such meetings shall be budgeted on an annual basis. The Board Chairman shall retain the authority to approve or disapprove the participation of members in such meetings in accordance with this policy.

  3. Conference registrations and Board member travel may not be undertaken unless it is authorized in advance by the Board Chairman or board policy (see para. 4) or unless the Board member is assuming responsibility for all registration and travel expenses.

  4. Conferences and Travel needing approval shall include, but not be limited to, TSBA Academies, State, Regional, Council of Great City Schools, and National Conventions, and TSBA workshops and events. Prior approval will not be required for the annual TSBA Conference in Nashville, TN, TSBA Fall District Meeting, and one annually required TSBA School Board Training Academy.

  5. Meals - A meal allowance for Board members of $40.00 per day will be provided for Out-of-County travel.

  6. Board members expenses (e.g. transportation, lodging, fees and other pertinent expenses) for approved meetings, conventions, and/or workshops in and out of town shall be reimbursed when the appropriate travel expenses form has been approved by the Board Chairman.