Shelby County Board of Education
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Issued Date: 08/26/10


The Board desires to maintain open channels of communication between itself and the Superintendent and Executive Staff. The basic line of communication will, however, be through the Superintendent or Chief of Staff.

Staff Communications to the Board
All communications or reports to the Board or any Board committee from principals, supervisors, teachers, or other staff members shall be submitted through the Superintendent. This necessary procedure shall not be construed as denying the right of any employee to appeal to the Board from administrative decisions or important matters, provided that the superintendent shall have been notified of the forthcoming appeal and that it is processed in accordance with the Board's policy on complaints and grievances. Staff members are also reminded that Board meetings are public meetings. As such, they provide an excellent opportunity to observe at first hand the Board's deliberations on problems of staff concern.

Board Communications to Staff
All official communications, requests for information, suggestions, and concerns will be communicated to staff members through the Superintendent or Executive Staff depending on the request. Any problem of a serious nature shall be directed to the superintendent. The superintendent will employ all such media as are appropriate to keep staff fully informed of the Board's problems, concerns, and actions. The superintendent shall annually provide Board members with a list and primary duties of the Superintendent's Executive Staff designated to directly communicate with and respond to Board Member's requests.

Visits to Schools
Visits to the schools will be made whenever, in the judgment of the board, such visits are necessary. Official visits by Board members will be carried on only under Board authorization and with the full knowledge of staff, including the superintendent, principals, and other supervisors.

Individual Board members interested in visiting schools will inform the principal of such visits and make arrangement for visitations. Individual Board member's visits shall be regarded as informal expressions of interest in school affairs and not as "inspections" or visits for supervisory or administrative purposes.