Shelby County Board of Education
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Issued Date: 08/26/10


At least every two (2) years, the Board will review its policies for the purpose of passing, revising or deleting policies mandated by changing conditions. It shall evaluate how the policies have been executed by the school staff and shall weigh the results. The Board shall rely on the school staff, students, and the community to provide evidence of the effect of the policies which it has adopted.

The Superintendent is given the responsibility of calling to the Board's attention all policies that need revision.

The following criteria shall be used when evaluating the policies for possible revision or updating:

  1. Is the policy within the scope of the Board's discretionary authority as granted by state statutes?

  2. Is it consistent with state and federal law and with the provisions of the United States Constitution.

  3. Does it have a legitimate purpose that is educationally valid or a desirable end or objective?

  4. Does it reflect sound judgment and wisdom?

Legal counsel shall be sought when in the opinion of the Superintendent or the Board a question exists regarding the legality of a policy.