Shelby County Board of Education
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Issued Date: 08/26/10
Revised: 05/29/12


The selection process and appointment of the Superintendent of Schools is a function of the Board. The Board shall seek to employ the person it believes can most effectively translate into action the policies of the Board and the goals of the community and the professional staff. At the Board's discretion, it may commence the Superintendent Selection Process (see section B.) and/or Appointment Procedure (see section A.), after notice to 1) the incumbent Superintendent, where applicable, and 2) the public of its intent to conduct a Superintendent search and/or appoint a Superintendent. A Superintendent search is open to all qualified candidates. The Board, in its discretion, may cease the Selection Process at any point.

A. Appointment

The Board of Education shall appoint a person to serve as Superintendent of Schools, who meets at least the qualifications described in policy # 1003 Superintendent: Qualifications and any additional qualifications criteria approved by the Board. Following the appointment, the Superintendent shall enter into a contract with the Board of Education. This renewable contract shall be for a period up to four years and shall specify compensation, benefits, and other terms of employment.

Methods of Appointment
The Board may select one of the following methods to appoint a Superintendent:

  1. Adopt a resolution to extend the appointment and employment of the incumbent Superintendent. A copy of the proposed contract shall be attached to the resolution and requires a majority vote; or
  2. Declare a vacancy in the office of Superintendent and:
    a. vote on the Superintendent candidate selected through the Selection Process; or
    b. appoint a new Superintendent in accordance with state laws and regulations and Board policy #1003 Superintendent: Qualifications; and
    c. Final selection of a Superintendent and initial approval of the employment contract will be confirmed by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board.

B. Selection Process

If, by a majority vote, the Board decides to identify and appoint a Superintendent other than by extension of the incumbent superintendent's contract (see section A.1.) or direct appointment (see section A.2.b.), the Board shall develop a selection process. Development of a selection process may be done as a committee of the whole, through a Board Committee, or use of a search firm/consultant. The selection process will consist of three (3) phases, Selection Process Plan, Establishment of Additional Qualifications Criteria, and Recruitment. Once each phase of the selection process is developed, it shall be approved by the Board. The selection process must include, but is not limited to, the following:

Phase I - Selection Process Plan

1. A timeline for selection, establishment of qualifications criteria, recruitment, and appointment of a Superintendent

2. Scope of search (e.g. local/national search)

3. Development of a process for receiving and reviewing applications and interviewing candidates1

Phase II - Establishment of Additional Qualifications Criteria

1. To establish any additional qualifications criteria of the Superintendent, input shall be gathered from clearly identified community members. Input may be gathered through community meetings, on-line surveys or any other method deemed appropriate.

2. Development of proposed additional qualifications criteria for Board approval

3. Board review, input and adoption of additional qualifications criteria

Phase III - Recruitment

The Board shall:

1. Advertise, receive and review applications; and

2. Select finalists based on approved qualifications criteria

3. Interview finalists

The Board shall interview finalists for the position. Only Board members may ask questions, but the public may attend the interview sessions.

The Board shall hold at least two (2) community meetings to allow members of the community and employees to meet with and submit questions to the finalists. Copies of their resumes will be made available for review.

C. Extension and Termination of Contract

The Board shall not extend the Superintendent's contract without giving notice of the intent to do so at least fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the scheduled meeting at which action shall be taken. Except in cases concerning allegations of criminal or professional misconduct, the Board shall not terminate the contract or remove the Superintendent from office without giving notice at least fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the scheduled meeting at which action shall be taken. Notice of extension or termination of the Superintendent's contract shall include the date, time and place of the meeting, and shall comport with all other requirements of T. C. A. § 8-44-103 and § 49-2-202(c)(1). The proposed action shall be published as a specific, clearly stated item on the agenda for the meeting. Such item, for the convenience of the public attending the meeting, shall be the first item on the agenda.2

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