Shelby County Board of Education
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Issued Date: 08/26/10


District-Provided Access to
Electronic Information, Services, and Networks for Employees

The Shelby County Schools Board of Education recognizes that electronic information resources have transformed the ways information may be accessed and communicated. The Board recognizes that the effective uses of these technologies enhance the quality and delivery of education by providing access to unique resources and opportunities for collaborative work.

The Board supports the use of electronic communications for employees and expects that all faculty and staff will integrate the use of voice, data and video technologies throughout the school system and in the teaching and learning process. When used with proper monitoring and appropriate permissions, the Board further supports the instructional use of educational collaborative and interactive sites.

However, the use of electronic technology is a privilege and is subject to all applicable state and federal laws and policies of the District. The Shelby County Schools Board of Education reserves the right to examine electronic mail messages, files on all types of Shelby County Schools' computers and servers, cache files, website logs and any other information stored or passing through the Shelby County Schools network systems. Employees who use any system provided network service must sign a yearly Acceptable Use Agreement, which will be kept on file. All personal computers and electronic devices are subject to Shelby County Schools Acceptable Use Policy when on Shelby County Schools' property.

Shelby County Schools provides staff with the infrastructure necessary for telecommunications and access to electronic resources for enhancement of job performance. Use of these resources will be permitted as needed for instruction, research, information access, productivity, professional development and communication. District-provided electronic resources such as email accounts, employee and student information management accounts, and workstation/laptop computers are limited to Shelby County Schools employees. Employees utilizing district-provided network access are responsible for professional behavior on-line. Violations of the terms and conditions stated in Procedure 4100 may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to develop and implement procedures to provide guidance in the appropriate and ethical use of electronic resources for employees.