Shelby County Board of Education
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Issued Date: 08/26/10


Definition: A tutor is an instructor who teaches on an individual basis for monetary remuneration, but who may or may not be affiliated with a school system in performing this task.

  1. The system does not maintain a list of tutors who seek employment.

  2. No Shelby County aide, teacher, or administrator will ever recommend a tutor by name to any parent of a student enrolled in a Shelby County school.

  3. If a student in a Shelby County school is in need of some individual tutoring, after getting the principal's approval, the teacher may recommend to the parent that the student would profit from some individualized instruction plus that which is being given in his/her classroom. This additional help could be given by a member of the family, a neighbor, or other. NOTE: A teacher should have done everything possible to give a student the help he/she needs before recommending to parents that a student is in need of outside help. A list of students for whom tutors are recommended will be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Accountability by the principal.

  4. Personnel of Shelby County Schools shall not tutor for remuneration children who attend the school in which the person is employed.