Shelby County Board of Education
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Issued Date: 08/26/10


Notwithstanding any provision of this section to the contrary, any principal-teacher, teacher, director of schools, or other school personnel employed on a system-wide basis, who completes additional academic training after the beginning of a school year, but prior to January 1 of that school year, that would qualify the employee for a higher salary rating, shall be eligible to have the employee's salary rating redetermined as of January of the school year. To receive the adjustment in salary rating, the employee shall give notice in writing of the employee's intention to complete academic training that may qualify the employee for a higher salary rating after the beginning of the school year immediately subsequent to the date of the notice and prior to January 1 of such school year. The written notice shall be given to the Superintendent of schools and to the Chairman of the Shelby County Schools Board of Education, prior to submission of the Shelby County Schools' budget to the local legislative body pursuant to § 49-2-203(a)(10). After completing the academic training, the employee shall provide, by February 1 of the school year, all documentation, as required by Shelby County Schools and the Commissioner, necessary to establish the completion of the training. The increased salary rating and other information, as called for on forms prescribed by the Commissioner, shall be filed with the Commissioner by February 15 of the school year.

T.C.A. §49-2-203
T.C.A. §49-5-402