Shelby County Board of Education
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Issued Date: 08/26/10

Construction, Alteration, Modification
  1. Any plan, project, or movement instituted to expand, modernize, renovate or render maintenance to school-controlled or owned properties must first be submitted to the principal for approval. No proposal regarding the aforementioned items can move forward until the principal has received written permission from the Chief of Operations.

    Examples include: painting, murals, wall-mounted structures, modular furniture and wall structures, or any changes of use.

  2. Permanent structures which enhance the educational and physical experiences of students and community may be placed on school grounds with permission of the Chief of Operations.

    Examples of permanent structures are, but are not limited to: walkways, playgrounds, parks, tracks, sports fields, gardens, storage buildings, weight rooms, memorials, signs, nature trails, gazebos, pavilions, and outdoor classrooms.

  3. All structures must meet applicable codes of authorities having jurisdiction and the Board standards. Alterations and modifications to facilities and structures shall be approved by the Chief of Operations before work may begin.

  4. Projects, financed by sources outside the school system, must contain a detailed plan for funding before submitting the request to the Chief of Operations for initial plan approval. For final approval, the project must be fully funded.

The naming of structures shall comply with Facility Naming Policy #1016.

Structures on school property become the sole possession of the Shelby County Schools.

T.C.A. § 49-6-2006