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After Retirement

Things to Consider

  • Working after Retirement
    • Make sure any employment after retirement will not impact your TCRS benefit. If you are considering part-time employment or return to service with an agency or department that is covered by TCRS, contact our office to determine how such employment may affect your TCRS benefit.
    • If you plan to work after retirement, stay informed about the Social Security earnings limits and the benefit offset that occurs in your Social Security benefit after exceeding those limits. (Contact Social Security for additional information)

Account Maintenance

  • Notify Shelby County Schools and TCRS in writing of changes such as address changes, banking information changes, and beneficiary updates (if applicable).
    • Change of Address form for Retired members (submit to Shelby County Schools)
    • Change of Beneficiary after Retirement (submit directly to TCRS)
    • Direct Deposit (submit directly to TCRS)
  • Basic Life Insurance Beneficiary Update (if applicable)
    • MetLife Beneficiary Designation (submit to Shelby County Schools)
  • Please contact our vendors for questions regarding the following.
    • Medical & Dental Insurance-Cigna…...1-800-244-6224 and
    • Post 65-Cigna-Health Springs Rx (PDP)……..1-800-558-9562
    • Vision Insurance-Davis Vision…….1-800-999-5431 and
    • CUSHION Employer Services...…1-866-218-0614