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The Research & Performance Management team conducts independent research and analysis to track progress toward the District’s goals, evaluate the effectiveness of various programs, and help inform decision-making and planning efforts that can improve student outcomes. Below are key publications that support these efforts.

Destination 2025 Performance Briefs – Each month, the Shelby County Board of Education reviews Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aligned to the goals and priorities of Destination 2025. The supporting performance briefs for each monthly report are provided below.

Annual Reports

  • Destination 2025 Report_2015
  • Destination 2025 Report_2017

  • Destination 2025 Report_2016

  • Destination 2025 Report_2015

Research Papers – RPM also conducts independent research and analysis in a variety of forms including program evaluations, predictive models of student success, and qualitative survey and focus group analyses. An archive of recent research efforts is provided below.