Shelby County Schools

January Teacher

Of The Month

Mrs. M. Washington

Mrs. Washington is always ready to assist in any capacity when needed even without being asked. She is encouraging, caring, compassionate, and pleasant to be around. Mrs. Washington is committed to providing high quality instruction to our students whether they want it or not. She makes sure her team reaches their I-Ready goals in math and ELA. She is diligent and patient with her students. She is a team player and always provides support to her colleagues. Mrs. Washington is always ready with a friendly word and encouragement when you pass her in the hall.

January Staff

Of The Month

Coach Jimmy Taylor

Coach Taylor is such an asset to A. Maceo Walker Middle School. He greets teachers every morning with a smile, warm hug, and sometimes special treats! He faithfully monitors the metal detectors. In the afternoons, he makes sure our students are able to get across the street safely, and he directs traffic entering and exiting the campus. Coach Taylor is committed to providing a safe environment for the faculty, staff, and student body of A. Maceo Walker Middle School.

January Students Of The Month

Timya Thomas

Sensational 6

Timya applies herself daily to get the best scores possible. She has taken the constructive criticism she’s received this year to improve her attitude and ability to get along with others. She participates in class discussions and makes great connections in the lesson. Timya is consistently working hard to be a great example of a Jaguar.

Tytonia Howard

Super Scholars

Tytonia has a positive attitude at all times. She is always focused on the task at hand and consistently makes good choices in all parts of the school day. Tytonia shows respect for her classmates and teachers. She sets an example of excellence in behavior and cooperation.


Kylan Tounkara


Kylan always gives his best effort in class. He tries to help others, and he tries to correct his errors. Kylan is an extremely hard worker. He’s a very good thinker, and he behaves well in school.


Montavious Craft

Dream Catchers

Montavious is very respectful. He is also very responsible. Montavious is a hard worker, and he is willing to assist his teachers and his peers. Montavious is an example of a true Jaguar, and he exemplifies the spirit of the Dream Catchers team.

Dantavia Tyler


Dantavia is always present, on time, and ready to work. She is a leader in science class and works well with others. Dantavia participates effectively and uses critical thinking skills to persevere through problem solving. She is an avid reader and comprehends well. Dantavia has the potential to be a great leader in the years to come!

Ja'Taya Nelson


Ja’Taya is an honor roll student. She is a hard worker and is very diligent in completing all of her work. Ja’Taya is very respectful to her teachers and her peers. She follows school and classroom rules, listens the first time instructions are given, and always maintains a positive attitude.

Azsiana Harris


Azsiana is very respectful. She is available to assist the teacher, staff, and other students at any time. Azsiana is very kind and follows all school rules. She’s committed, dependable, and responsible. Azsiana is a leader, team member, and a great asset to the SWAGG team.


December Teacher

Of The Month

Mrs. K. Vaughns

Mrs. Vaughns is an amazing team leader. She works hard for her team and her students. She is very respectful to all and represents how a professional teacher should act. Mrs. Vaughns' students enjoy coming to her class each day. She goes the extra mile to make sure they are ready and prepared for any assessment put before them.

December Staff

Of The Month

Mrs. S. Cotton

Mrs. Cotton is an amazing administrator who cares about everyone in the building. She is respectful to all. Mrs. Cotton works hard at her job and is very efficient and effective in accomplishing what she needs to get done. She goes above and beyond the call of duty when completing the many tasks she has at A. Maceo Walker Middle School.

December Students Of The Month

Aniyah Benson

Sensational 6

Aniyah has made great strides to grow from a struggling reader to being an advocate for helping her classmates improve their skills. She utilizes all services, such as tutoring and extra credit to constantly improve herself. Aniyah consistently presents a happy and respectful demeanor to her teachers and fellow classmates. She represents the Jaguar family well with poise and grace as a member of the cheerleading team. Aniyah optimizes her life by speaking and acting positively, as a Jaguar should!

Ramata Barry

Super Scholars

At first appearance, Ramata appears quiet and shy, but she is truly a super scholar. Her work is of superior quality at all times. Her high regard for school rules and procedures show in her ability to follow and be in order at all times. Ramata has great work ethics and is a role model for her peers.


J'Ronica Jefferson


J’Ronica is always excellently behaved. She completes all assignments on time and always puts forth her best effort. J’Ronica is always prepared for class, and she also is very respectful at all times. J’Ronica is an excellent student in both academics and behavior.


Aliah Thomas

Dream Catchers

Aliah is very respectable and honest. She comes to school prepared everyday ready and eager to learn. Aliah never lets other students affect her learning. She doesn’t mind helping her classmates. The Dream Catchers’ teachers absolutely love Aliah!

Marcus Steward, Jr.


Marcus is an amazing student! He asks and answers thought provoking questions. Marcus takes ownership of his education. He is driven by excellence and accuracy. Marcus makes sure that he has all materials before entering class, and he exemplifies the character of a leader. Marcus helps other students by peer tutoring when needed.

Yakiya Johnson


Yakiya is a respectable young lady. She never exhibits negative behavior, and she accepts redirection. Yakiya has strong work ethics. She tries to complete all assignments on time and proficiently. Yakiya also exhibits appropriate interactions with her peers, and she has amazing leadership qualities.

Mikayla Jackson


Mikayla has a great attitude about learning new things and being at school. He gives 100% effort on all her daily assignments. Mikayla consistently is willing to help any classmate and/or peer on various tasks in the classroom, as well as, throughout the school. She is very respectful towards all adults and a great peer model. Mikayla is a hard-working, fun-loving, and disciplined student.

November Teacher

Of The Month

Mr. B. Forbes

Mr. Forbes consistently encourages the students to complete I-Ready lessons. He performs his afternoon duty without fail and comes to school before 6:30am EVERYDAY to monitor the halls and breakfast area. He always has a positive upbeat attitude and spreads positivity throughout the building. Also, the band has shown improvement because he is working with them and challenging them to go to another level.

November Staff

Of The Month

Ms. L. Banks

Ms. Banks multi tasks to complete all of her many duties as PLC Coach. She finds time in her busy schedule to bring the students LA Bucks. She is the balancer on the admin team because when everyone is pulled in different directions, she is and always remains cool and calm. We need this. It helps to kee the atmosphere sailing smoothly.

November Students Of The Month

Dieynaba Niang

Sensational 6

Dieynaba is an incredibly hard worker with natural leadership skills. She always strives to be the best when everyone else is happy with being all right or okay. Dieynaba helps her classmates regularly and is extremely respectful. She loves learning new things and knows how to use her resources wisely. Dieynaba uses her powerful jaws to uplift those around her at all times, as a Jaguar should.

Jalen Sargent

Super Scholars

Jalen is a quiet analytical student. He maintains the highest respect for himself among his peers. Jalen is introspective when he answers questions in class. He always shows compassion for his teachers as well as his peers. Jalen always turns in high quality work.


Markievion Smith


Markievion is very mannerable and always prepared for class. He is an excellent student both academically and behaviorally. Markievion is an excellent critical thinker and applies concepts well. He is consistent at achieving high levels academically, and his behavior is respectful and right. Markievion exemplifies what it means to be a “Jaguar”.


Zakiyyah Waters

Dream Catchers

Zakiyyah is an excellent student who goes the extra mile to succeed in every class. If she misses a day from school, she immediately comes back and asks for missed work. Zakiyyah shows great leadership in her everyday school life. She lets the teacher know when she needs help on anything she does. The Dream Catchers’ teachers wish they had more students like Zakiyyah Waters!

Mylon Miners


Mylon is very respectful and actively participates in class daily. He completes all assignments and is not afraid to ask questions if he does not understand. Mylon comes to class everyday, and he is prepared and ready to work from beginning to end. He does not need to be reminded of the rules and procedures because he adheres to them daily. Mylon is an asset to our school, and the Challengers’ teachers appreciate his efforts.

Dawson Booker


Dawson comes to school everyday, on time, and ready to learn. He is a hard worker who participates in class and does his homework. Dawson is very respectful to all of his teachers and fellow students. He is a model example of what a true student should be.

Joshua Grear


Joshua is a hard worker. He is a disciplined and caring student. Joshua completes all assignments very orderly and very neat. He has great handwriting and always uses the correct punctuation. Joshua is very respectful and polite. He gives 100% daily on all of his assignments in the classroom and throughout the building.

October Teacher

Of The Month

Ms. L. Smith

Ms. Smith is prepared everyday with lessons that are of high quality and that address the standards. She motivates her students and in return, they eagerly participate in class. Ms. Smith seeks help in any area that is needed and uses resources that extend beyond the district's curriculum. Her colleagues describe her as a loving and fun person. She is extremely open and receptive to any feedback or suggestions to help her improve as a teacher. Ms. Smith truly cares about our students and is always doing something for them to let them know she cares.

October Staff

Of The Month

Ms. D. Dandridge

Ms. Dandridge is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is dedicated to fulfilling all of her responsibilities with a positive attitude. Ms. Dandridge assists in covering classes when needed, and she "holds it down". She gets copies finished in timely manner, and they are always done right. Ms. Dandridge is always pleasant when you enter the main office.

October Students Of The Month

Sanadia Marion

Sensational 6

Sanadia has the heart of a helper. She will help any and everyone if she can. Sanadia turns in amazing work! Her work ethic is outstanding! Sanadia is a hard worker and refuses to fail. She is a critical thinker who loves to participate in the lessons. Sanadia is an Attendance HERO and consistently strives for greatness even when those around her are not. She is the true definition of a Jaguar!

Maimouna Sangare

Super Scholars

Maimouna is a hard worker. She is confident, positive, and a great role model for her classmates. Maimouna is accountable and responsible, and she makes smart decisions and exemplifies excellence.


Tiauna Mangrum


Tiauna is always prepared for class. She is an excellent student who is always willing to help her teachers and other students. Tiauna follows all classroom and school rules. She is very respectful and an absolute joy to have as a student.


Kiana Beason

Dream Catchers

Kiana is a very positive, outgoing, and respectful student. She comes to school prepared and on time for class daily. Kiana participates during instruction and is a very positive role model for her classmates. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help her fellow students.

Ibrahima Diallo


Ibrahima has shown a new level of confidence in all of his classes! He participates and completes his assignments with great penmanship and pride. Ibrahima focuses on learning and takes absolutely no part in any disturbances or foolishness. He has shown great improvement, and Team Challengers is extremely excited to honor him as October’s Student Of The Month.

Ibrahim Konate


Ibrahim follows all classroom rules and procedures. He is always prepared for class. Ibrahim values education and stays focused on his work. He participates in class discussions and backs his answers up with evidence. Ibrahim is a great student and a joy to teach.

Teddrick Jones


Teddrick follows classroom and school rules each and every day. He exemplifies a model student by doing what is asked of him daily by his teachers and other staff. Teddrick completes assignments in a timely manner and assists his peers as needed. He is very respectful to all!

September Teacher

Of The Month

Mrs. T. Ford

Mrs. Ford is an exceptional math teacher. She works hard to make sure her students understand. Mrs. Ford motivates her students to achieve at the highest levels. According to her students, she breaks down the difficult parts so they will understand, and she won't leave a lesson if her students don't truly get it. They recognize that she comes to school organized and prepared to teach every day.

September Staff

Of The Month

Dr. T. Brittenum

Dr. Brittenum is a tremendous leader. As principal, he has guided A. Maceo Walker Middle School from being on the State's Priority list to being one of Tennessee's Reward Schools. Dr. Brittenum has high expectations for the students, faculty, and staff of A. Maceo Walker Middle School. He strives daily to make sure our school is a great place for teachers to teach, students to learn, and all to grow!

September Students Of The Month

Agnew Williams

Sensational 6

Agnew tries extremely hard in every class. He loves to interact with the class, even when he thinks he’s wrong. Agnew is very respectful to all teachers and students, and he has shown growth academically in every class. Even through his struggles, Agnew has a wonderful quest for knowledge.

Lea Pugh

Super Scholars

Lea is an amazingly introspective and quiet student. She studies the best way to attack a situation, and she handles it with quiet game. Her quiet nature allows her to see the best in others. Having Lea in class makes class worth teaching.


Alex Pettway


Alex always puts forth his best effort in all of his classes. He has a very pleasant disposition and is always smiling. Alex turns in homework on time in all of his classes. He also listens attentively to teacher instructions.


Jarvis Johnson

Dream Catchers

Jarvis comes to class on time and prepared for class activities daily. He actively participates and puts forth full effort during instructional time. Jarvis follows the school’s rules and demonstrates respect to the student body, faculty, and staff. He also has a positive attitude, good character, and goes above and beyond his role as a student.

Camya Shipp


Camya is always prepared for class; she has all materials and does every homework assignment. Camya excels in Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies. She is a great reader! She cites evidence and analyzes her written work exceptionally well. Camya never needs redirecting. She is always in order and follows all directions the first time given.

Audreauna Brooks


Audreauna is a great student. She works well with others, and she stays focused on her work. She truly values education. Audreauna has a very good attitude and is respectful towards her teachers.

She faithfully does her classwork and homework everyday, and she follows classroom and school rules.

Gary Joyner


Gary displays an exceptional attitude toward learning. He is a hard worker and is motivated to learn. Gary is polite to students and adults in his class, and he is involved during class activities. Gary always has a smile and a high five for you.

August Teacher

Of The Month

Mr. B. Tyler

Mr. Tyler is an amazing educator. He has high expectations for all of his students. Mr. Tyler stays after school for hours almost everyday to ensure that he delivers great lessons to our students. He exhibits a positive attitude toward all learners and attempts to reach them everyday. Mr. Tyler is always willing to share resources and ideas with his colleagues.

August Staff

Of The Month

Ms. L. Davis

Ms. Davis supports the school's mission, vision, and beliefs. She readily steps in to assist without grumbling or complaining. Mrs. Davis often stops by the Challenger's Social Studies class to ask students what they are learning or to see if the teacher needs help. She works efficiently to ensure that copies are done in a timely manner. Mrs. Davis is a great asset to A. Maceo Walker!

August Students Of The Month

Diawly Diop

Sensational 6

Diawly is brave and takes a chance on a task even when she’s not sure if she has it figured all the way out. She is an extremely hard worker and never gives up on a challenge. Diawly is a leader and is eager to help other students and teachers. She’s organized and keeps all of her material ready and available. She is always present mentally and physically. She has a strong quest for knowledge and exemplifies all of what it means to be a Jaguar!!!

Gabriel Tshinggamb

Super Scholars

Gabriel is very inquisitive and asks questions to increase his knowledge. Gabriel is a good role model for his classmates in both his behavior and academics. He constantly puts forth his best effort in all of his classes, and he is a joy to teach and have in class. Gabriel is a very impressive young man.


Kira Davis


Kira actively participates in the lesson every day by sharing answers and asking relevant questions. She is a very respectable young lady. She is also very helpful in class. Kira is an awesome student, and she’s always on task.


Danniegirl Alexander

Dream Catchers

Danniegirl is respectful and helpful. She is a hard worker, and she works well with her peers. Danniegirl is very responsible. She is a joy to teach. Her attitude is contagious!

Kylor Mims


Kylor participates in all classes and displays a love for learning by coming to class prepared and engaged. She is friendly and helps others-both academically and personally. Kylor refrains from being involved in conflict, but rather acts as a catalyst for peace and resolution among her peers. She never has to be redirected; she always follows rules and procedures without fail. Kylor is a joy to teach, and her team looks forward to great things from her this entire school year.

Amadou Sall


Amadou is an excellent student who is highly intelligent and always uses evidence to explain his answers. He completes all assignments and takes pride in his work. Amadou is always respectful, responsible, and right. He values education and enjoys learning new ideas and concepts. Amadou is a joy to teach! His teachers look forward to him coming to class each day.

Damarion Levy


Damarion is a hard worker-not only with academics, but as a dedicated employee of the SWAGG Shop. He is a very considerate and helpful young man. Damarion has aspirations to become a lawyer. He loves math!



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