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October Students Of The Month

Demetrius Harris

Sensational 6

Demetrius’ behavior has improved tremendously. He has a positive attitude and is willing to help others. Demetrius participates regularly in class discussions. He completes ALL assignments in a timely manner. Terrific job, Demetrius!

Destiny Burnette

Super Scholars

Destiny is a very hardworking student. She is respectful towards her peers and teachers. She is also a very courageous student. Awesome job, Destiny!


Nancy Cebrian


Nancy is very respectful. She is prepared for class and completes her assignments in a timely manner. Nancy is always willing to assist her teachers and her classmates. Keep up the great work, Nancy!

Tabitha Hardin


Tabitha perseveres in her classes even when the work is difficult. She does not get distracted. She remains on task. Tabitha is genuinely concerned about her teachers and peers. She comes to class everyday ready to learn. She is a great helper. Outstanding!!

Antania Tynes


Antania is prepared to learn EVERYDAY. She has a positive attitude and kind spirit. Antania takes her school work seriously. She is always RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, AND RIGHT! Amazing job, Antania!

Trevon Gardner


Trevon is very helpful and respectful. He stays on task, and he completes all assignments in a timely manner. Trevon is always willing to assist in the classroom. Amazing job, Trevon!

September Teacher

Of The Month

Ms. S. Yancey

Sharon Yancey is an exceptional educator. She is always willing to assist her students, colleagues, and school administration. Ms. Yancey has high expectations for all of her students. She has excellent attendance and performs all assigned duties in a professional, responsible, and timely manner.

September Staff

Of The Month

Mr. J. Netters

Mr. Netters is a true team player. He has a positive relationship with students, parents, community members, colleagues, and school administration. Mr. Netters is always willing to volunteer to assist students and other teachers. The staff and students truly appreciate his support.


September Students Of The Month

Kira Davis

Sensational 6

Kira is very respectful. She is willing to help others and has a positive attitude. Kira is a very responsible student; she completes her assignments in a timely manner. Awesome job, Kira!

Markievion Smith

Super Scholars

Markievion is an excellent student. He is very ambitious and hardworking. Markievion is respectful towards his teachers and peers. Marvelous job, Markievion!

JaTaya Nelson


JaTaya is a very intelligent student. She is extremely respectful to her peers and her teachers. JaTaya is always prepared for class. Terrific job, JaTaya!

Aissata Diallo


Aissata is extremely focused on her education. She is respectful at all times to everyone. She exceeds the expectations of all of her teachers. Aissata submits perfect assignments and projects. She is the epitome of what a great middle school student looks like!


DaeShun Ross


DaeShun is a very respectful young man. He completes all classwork and homework with accuracy. DaeShun participates in classroom discussions and is engaged in all content areas. Great work, DaeShun!

Teddrick Jones


Teddrick is very respectful to everyone. He stays on task, and he completes all assignments in a timely manner. Teddrick is an excellent student who has appropriate behavior. Awesome job, Teddrick!


August Teacher

Of The Month

Mrs. A. Martin

Ashley Martin is a hard working teacher. She works collaboratively with her colleagues and school administration. Mrs. Martin goes above and beyond the call of duty, volunteering to serve on various school committees. She also is the advisor for several student clubs and sports.

August Staff

Of The Month

Ms. E. Tillmon

Ms. Tillmon always goes above and beyone the call of duty to ensure all students are able to learn in a clean environment. She is a team player and demonstrates great pride and enthusiasm to her work each day.

August Students

Of The Month

Jamaryous Jones

Sensational 6

Jamaryous is always willing to help others. He is very respectful and kind to his teachers and classmates. Jamaryous has a positive attitude, and he is very responsible. Amazing work, Jamaryous!

Megan Frierson

Super Scholars

Megan is very helpful. She is respectful to her teachers and her peers. Megan is also a hardworking student. She is amiable and exuberant. Keep up the great work, Megan!

Amadou Sall


Amadou is a very hard worker. He is very respectful to his teachers and his peers. Amadou is an excellent writer. He also has excellent attendance. Great job, Amadou!

Trinity Applewhite


Trinity participates respectfully in class. She takes pride in her work. Trinity displays the ability to critically think. She completes all assignments on time-correctly! Trinity is self motivated. Awesome job, Trinity!!

Fatmata Bah


Fatmata excels academically. She has a positive attitude towards learning. Fatmata shows kindness and respect to all that she encounters. Outstanding work, Fatmata!

Darneisha Morgan


Darneisha LOVES school. She is very respectful. Darneisha helps around the classroom. She is always happy and smiling. Darneisha also completes all assignments with mastery. Terrific job, Darneisha!

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