Form:  What is it like? Describe, Name, and Tell
Function:  How does it work? How does it…?    Why do we…?
Causation: Why is it the way it is? Compare/Contrast
How was it formed?
How did it arrive at this state?
Why did it happen that way?
Change: How does it change? What if…?
How does it adapt?
What changes have occurred?
Why did it change?
In what ways…
Connection: How is it connected to other things? Compare/Contrast
How are these concepts interdependent?
How are they the same/different?
How are these ideas connected through time, space, people, things, or beliefs?
Perspective: What are the major points of view? How many different ways…?
Feeling, opinions, personification questions, advantages/disadvantages…
What are the consequences of this point of view?
Responsibility: What is our/my responsibility? How should we/I behave?
Opinions, feelings, rights.
Who should describe this?
Ethics questions
Reflection: How do we know? What did I know?  What do I know now?
How did I know that to be true?
What resources did I use to help form my opinion?
Do you agree with the results?