Memphis City Schools

Parent Involvement

In addition to the PTO participation, parents are urged to be a part of their child's education. A child will perform best when his/her parents are involved in the academic program. Your prompt attention to providing the necessities for your child and your attention to the rules and regulations ensue success and the well being of your children. We encourage parent-teacher communication for the common benefit of your child.

Parents can help by seeing that the following are done on a regular basis:
" Ensure regular attendance
" Assist your child in earning satisfactory grades
" Review and sign weekly work
" Review and sign progress reports
" Encourage good conduct
" Monitor homework assignments
" Abide by the school uniform policy

Parents are our best source of public relations. Even though our school is recognized among educators as great, many people in the community do not know about Brownsville Road unless you help spread the word. Your friends and your business acquaintances need to know about Brownsville Road Optional School.

Memphis City Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age.  For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.
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