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Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Chimneyrock Elementary School Based Decision Making Council (SBDMC) believes parent participation enhances the educational process for students and promotes community involvement in education.  In order to provide opportunities for parent visitation and volunteerism, we have established the following guidelines:


Breakfast/Lunch- Beginning immediately, legal guardians and/or family members may eat breakfast/lunch with their child(ren) Monday through Friday.


  1. Please sign-in, show identification, and obtain a visitor’s pass. 
  2. For safety reasons, visitors and children must remain in the cafeteria.
  3. Students must finish eating with visitors in enough time to rejoin their class and line up to return to the classroom. 
  4. In order to preserve the instructional environment, please do not return to the classroom with your child or seek a conference with the teacher while visiting for breakfast or lunch.
  5. Please sign out before leaving.


Classroom Parties


  • We will host three classroom parties per year.  These will include Winter, Valentine’s, and End-of-Year.
  • Authorized visitors may attend as long as they check in and out upon entry and leaving. 
  • All parties will run from 1 pm to 2 pm. In order to maintain the instructional environment prior to parties, visitors should arrive between 12:45 pm and 1:00 pm.


Classroom Volunteers


  • According to Memphis City Schools Policy # 4.501 volunteers must undergo a background check and be cleared before volunteering.
  • Volunteers may come as often as needed but must coordinate their activities with teachers and/or staff members.


Please feel free to call the school if there are questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Mrs. T. Cooper

Shelby County Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age.  For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.
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