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Dr. Stephanie Waller

Greetings Parents, Scholars, and Community Stakeholders:

I am pleased to take this opportunity to welcome each of you to Cromwell Elementary School, a place where all members of our Cromwell family are valued and appreciated.  We are a high performing school that presents a holistic academic program of study and extracurricular activities.  I am inspired about the vast array of innovative and exciting district initiatives which afford our scholars exposure to high level learning opportunities that propel them to college and career success. Cromwell has an awesome staff which holds a high level of academic credentials and has obtained high performance levels in our state effectiveness measures. We exude a welcoming school environment and work tirelessly to meet the needs of each individualized scholar.

Before and after school services through our Shelby County Schools Extended Learning Opportunities Program are also provided at our school.  Therefore, our scholars are involved in enrichment and academic programs before, during, and after school on a daily basis.  We also offer educational support through our before school tutoring program and some teachers provide individualized tutoring after school.

Additionally, each month our school presents opportunities for students to engage in academic strategies which focus on common core learning expectations for families through our Parent University sessions and provide opportunities for families to contribute through our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  We assuredly welcome your participation and support in these endeavors. Strong community involvement is also evident in our volunteer tutoring program, Team Read, which incorporates 13 active and committed tutors for targeted second graders.

We also offer to our scholars’ extensive opportunities to explore and develop their innate talents by participating in our school choirs, dance teams, literacy competitions, school plays and performances. Extra-curricular activities such as Art Club, Drum Team, GREEN Environmental Team, Book Clubs, Science Club, and VIP Club are also offered. Student success will be celebrated with fun-filled activities on a specified Game Day for our scholars when they achieve school based, district, state, and national assessment performance measures and above.

We are elated with our school and cordially invite you to experience our Cromwell Cougar PRIDE.  On behalf of our faculty, staff, and scholars, come join us in supporting our vision for student success and achievement.  We are confident you will enjoy your experience.   If you would like to come by for a visit, please feel free to contact our school office to schedule a tour.


Stephanie Waller, Principal E.D.


JoAnn McMillian, Assistant Principal


Rebecca Billingsely, PLC




Tangila Tucker, Financial Secretary

Senita Shambley, Secretary




Shelby County Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age.  For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.
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