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 Dear Parents,


We want to take the opportunity to welcome you and your child to our class.  Each new year is exciting and challenging for us, and we are looking forward to getting to know you and your child.  School will be a new experience for your child.  With your help, the experience will be a happy and productive one.  Your attention to daily reports about class experiences and your interest in things sent home will develop self respect and a greater sense of security.  These attitudes coupled with the skills that will be acquired in kindergarten will help build the foundation for success throughout school life.  This handbook is designed to introduce the kindergarten pupil’s experience to you, the parents.  We have prepared this booklet of information to answer any questions you may have concerning procedures in our classroom and in our school.  Please keep this booklet so you may refer to it as needed.


Acceptance – In our classroom students will treat classmates and others with respect.  All members of our classroom will feel special because we will accept everyone -regardless of our differences.


Allergies – Please let us know of any allergies your child may have, especially food allergies.  Periodically, we use food for instructional purposes.


Arrival/Attendance – School hours are from 7:15 – 2:15.  Those children arriving after 7:30 will be marked tardy.  Dismissal time for kindergarten is 2:10.  Please make sure that your child is picked up on time.  If your child leaves on a daycare van or stays in Delano’s Aftercare program, please make sure that he or she understands where to go.  This is very important.  To encourage independence, after a couple of weeks of school, we ask that you allow your child to walk to the classroom and/or cafeteria alone in the morning.    


Agenda Book/Assignment Journal – Students will be given an assignment journal.  Homework assignments will be inside the journal along with important notices.  Please sign your child’s assignment journal each night.  This is a form of communication between school and home.


Breakfast – Breakfast is a great start to the day.  Breakfast is served in the cafeteria from 7:00 – 7:20 and it is free. 

 Clinic – The nurse is at Delano on Mondays.  We take care of minor hurts, such as scrapes or scratches, in the classroom or office.  Please do not send your child to school with a fever.  We do not want others in our classroom sick.  If your child gets sick at school, you will be contacted.  Please keep the school informed of current telephone numbers and addresses in case of emergencies.


Conferences – Mornings and afternoons are not the best time to conference with us about your child.  We need this time with the children to begin and finish our days successfully.  If you have any questions or concerns, please make an appointment through the office or write a note in your child’s journal.  We will have two school-wide conference days during the school year.  We strongly suggest that you sign up for a time to conference with us about your child.


Dress Code – Uniforms enhance our kindergarteners’ self-esteem and performance.  Each student is required to wear a school uniform Monday – Friday.  Students must wear white tops only and khaki, black, or navy blue bottom.


Discipline – Establishing good classroom discipline is essential to each child’s success, confidence, and well-being.  All students and teachers follow the Delano Behavior Management Plan.



  1. Listen to others and follow directions the first time.
  2. Consider and respect others (This includes teachers, assistants, classmates, and all adults at all times.)
  3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself at all times.
  4. Walk and talk quietly in the classroom, hall, restroom, and cafeteria.




  1. First pime, warning.  EE (Exceeds Expectations)
  2. Second time, pull a card ME (Meets Expectations)
  3. Third Time, pull card to NME (Not Meeting Expectations).  Parent(s) are contacted.


Severe Clause

A severe disruption will be directed immediately to the office.  This includes inappropriate language, chronic disruption to classroom instruction, threatening others, fighting, and illegal possession of weapons or drugs.



  • Praise
  • Treats (stickers, Treasure Box)
  • Happy Gram sent home
  • Special teacher’s helper
  • Positive Phone Call Home


Early dismissal– If it becomes necessary for your child to leave school early, he or she must be signed out in the office.  Please send a note if you anticipate a need for your child to leave early so your child will be ready to be picked up at the designated time.  Upon your arrival, the office staff will call your child to meet you in the office. 


*Note:  An early dismissal is a tardy.  Tardies and absences cannot exceed 15.  (Please refer to Memphis City School’s Attendance Policy).


Emergencies – You will be contacted if your child is injured at school.  We also have a school emergency plan in case of fires, tornadoes, and other emergencies.  It is very important that you give us a complete list of phone numbers where you can be reached, as well as alternative names and numbers in the event we cannot reach you.


Friendship – Friendships are encourages through respect and courtesy to all class members.  Teamwork makes the dream work.


Grades – Assessment of student learning is very important in order to determine the areas students are successful and where they need extra assistance.  Delano’s Kindergarten grading scale is as follows:


ES-Exceeds Standards             MS-Meets Standards                  NMS-Not Meeting Standards


Please be assured that your child’s work is continuously being monitored to make certain he or she understands the concepts being taught.


Guests – In an effort to protect all of our students, guests MUST sign in at the office.  If you are volunteering, please do not bring other children with you.  Many times you will be working with small groups or individual students, and being responsible for children other than those in the classroom can be a distraction.


Homework – All homework and parent/teacher communications will be put in a folder and/or journal.  Your child will be responsible for taking home Accelerated Reader books, workbooks, journals, and other items necessary to complete nightly assignments.  Homework should be completed every night and returned to school the next morning.  Homework will be collected and checked daily.  It is suggested to establish a routine that allows for a quiet, well lit homework setting.  When your child’s homework assignments are complete, make sure that all materials are placed back in the folder.


Involvement – It is very important to your child that you be involved in his or her school experience.  I encourage you to join our PTA.  Throughout the school year, there will be a variety of special school wide and classroom activities and celebrations.  We encourage you to attend these functions when possible and support them by sending in needed supplies or materials.  Your support of school activities makes your child feel important and sends the message that you value his or her education.


Jumping to Conclusions – Please do not jump to conclusions when your child comes home telling you about an incident that happened at school.  Take time to investigate the situation and deal with it responsibly.  If you don’t believe half of what you hear about school, I won’t believe half of what I hear about home.


Learning – Learning takes place inside and outside of the classroom throughout the day.  Make every moment a teachable moment for your child.


Medications – If your child needs medication during the school day, it needs to be sent to school in a labeled Ziploc bag.  All medicine is kept in the office.  A medical form must be completed by a doctor and returned back to school in order for medicine to be given.


MoneyWhen sending any money to school with your child, please send it in a sealed envelope labeled with your child’s name, teacher’s name, purpose of money, and the amount enclosed.  Please DO NOT send your child to school with loose money in his or her pockets or backpacks.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen money.  Please inform your child of the importance of the envelope. Place the envelope inside of your child’s homework folder.


Newsletters – Each Monday the classroom newsletter will be sent home in the homework folder.  The letter will highlight the curriculum for that week plus other important information.  Only one newsletter per student will be given.  The newsletter will give you ideas for assisting your child with standards that he or she needs to know.  So, please make it a habit to review them as a way to stay informed. 


Obedience – Instruction begins with following direction.  Emphasize to your child the importance of doing as the teacher asks.


Progress Reports – Progress Reports are sent home every other Thursday.  District Progress Reports will be sent home every three weeks.  Please sign and return the progress reports with your child on the following day.


Questions – Please feel free to ask questions.  You can do this by sending a note in your child’s homework folder or calling us at school.  If you want to discuss something at length, please call the school and set up an appointment for a conference.  We are here to help you in any way we possibly can.


Report Cards – The Report Card is now called Report to Families.  Students will receive the Report to Families every nine weeks.  The Report to Families will measure how well a student is progressing in relation to kindergarten expectations and district standards. This gives you a better picture of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and will encourage all students to do their best toward the learning target. 


Snacks – To make life a little easier for both of us, we are encouraging each parent, on a voluntary basis, to bring individual snacks for 25 students once a month.  Please inform us of any allergies so that we can pass this information to the other parents.  We have snacks because of our late lunch schedule.  NO PEANUT BUTTER, NO CANDY, NO NUTS.  Below are recommended healthy snacks for the classroom.


100% Juice

100% Fruit Snacks


Graham Crackers/Animal Crackers/ Cheez-It, Cheese Nips

Low Fat Pudding/Jello

Trail Mix


Fresh Fruit Assortment

Reduced Fat Muffins

Angel Food Cake

Juice Bars

Baked Chips

Granola Bars


*All snacks must be store bought, prepackaged, and unopened.


Special Classes – Kindergarten students attend Library, Music, Computer, Art, and P.E. classes throughout the week.


Technology – Computers will be used to reinforce the various standards we are learning in the classroom.  Students will use the computer in a variety of ways to enhance our curriculum.


Un-X-cused Absences – Any absence that is not accompanied by a written explanation will be recorded as unexcused.  Excessive absences will be reported to administration for further investigation.  When your child is out sick, please send a note with your child when he or she returns so that the absence may be excused.


Victory – We will achieve and we are winners when we stick to the ABC basics of kindergarten.


YouYou are your child’s first teacher and you play an extremely important role in your child’s education.


ZZZ’s – Please make sure that your child gets plenty of rest.  Setting and keeping an established bedtime is a wonderful gift that you can give your child.  It helps your child to stay alert and keeps your child ready to learn each day! 



Shelby County Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age.  For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.
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