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SCS Optional Schools Program

Program Focus: Montessori and Technology

Here's what parents, teachers and students have to say about Double Tree Elementary:

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“Double Tree Elementary is a great school. The faculty as well as the staff cares for the children. I was given the opportunity to display my talents inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers taught me life lessons before and after school. I miss being here and helping everyone. Double Tree will always hold a special place in my heart. This school is like a family, they’ll never let you down. Double Tree is the best school in the whole wide world.”          

~Ariana Owens, Former Student


“I have been teaching at Double Tree a little over a month.  The staff and the parents have been very supportive.  The school supports student development through a wide range of enrichment.  I am happy to be at a school that values each person in the building.”                              

 ~Carlton McQuirter, Teacher


“Double Tree is a good school.  My favorite activity is to have people to come to our school and do special programs like Zumba so we can dance.  Mrs. Peggy Herring is the best principal in the whole wide world.  Mrs. Peggy Herring loves every student at Double Tree!”                   

~ Jamia Fowler, Current Student


“After considering the many options for my son’s first school, I decided to enroll him in the optional program at Double Tree Montessori and Technology School.  Not only does Double Tree offer a quality education, but the program enriches the whole child.  Double Tree fosters school pride and self-respect.  The teachers LOVE the kids.  Parents are welcome and are actively involved in the educational process.  I am a teacher and I LOVE DOUBLE TREE!!!”     

~Chandra R. Perkins, Parent of Current Student


“For the last two months, this is the best school I ever went to…because we get lots of homework and every day I get smarter.  We go outside sometimes and my teacher is nice.  And, we have a good time.”

~Jylan Mims, Former Student


“Double Tree is an Optional School that provides for a well-rounded student.  As a product of an Optional School and having placed my own children in Optional Schools, I’m definitely for the Optional Schools Program.  The program at Double Tree allows students to mix neighborhoods, develop lasting relationships and experience diversity outside of their regular community.  Students who are on an optional transfer want to, or appear to do better academically and with respect to behavior.”

~DeShonna Robinson, Current Teacher and Parent of Former Students


“Double Tree is a very good school.  It has a good staff.  Mrs. Herring is one of the best principals.  We have a great school program.  I learn a lot of important things here at Double Tree Montessori and Technology School.”                                                                 

~Rynia Dickerson, Former Student


“Optional Schools to me means having the best education so I can have the best [future].  It means picking schools that fit me.  That’s why I’m here at Double Tree and hope to [continue] in the Optional Schools Program.”  

~Demetrius Bell, Former Student

Double Tree Montessori and Technology School is an important part of the Shelby County Schools Optional Program. The feedback above tells exactly why in the reviews shared by students, parents and teachers. Want to learn more or just see for yourself?


Please contact us for more information and to schedule a tour of the school.

We would love to meet you and your child!

Optional Programs Coordinator: Wendy Rodgers



 Information Compiled SY 2013-2014

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